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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Okay, so we’re going in! My girl Thalita, who brought you the Brazilian Butt Workout–and if you would love to watch this video, make sure you stay tuned until the very end. Or read the description box. But she’s going to break this down. THALITA: Alright, guys! Let’s start with the cross arm kick backs, okay? You’re going to have your arms fully extended to the side, and you’re going to cross them while you’re kicking back your legs, okay? Remember to alternate the arms and kick back at the same time. Remember, the faster you move, the more calories you burning, alright? So let’s keep going. Let’s go. Let’s burn those calories, guys, keep going! So second exercise is the arm circle. This looks really simple, but it’s really not. So you’re going to have your arms fully extended like the first exercise, and you’re just going to give me small circles, alright? And we’re going to do this for 30 seconds. So make sure you’re not just bouncing around your arms, and you’re really using your muscles and contracting. Keeping everything engaged. It’s really important to keep your core engaged, okay, and not just bouncing the arms. MAYA: That’s important, the core, because a lot of people who do the workouts, they don’t– THALITA: Yeah, and they’re doing this. MAYA: And you’re going backwards. THALITA: Just little, small circles. And third one, we’re going to reverse it. So we’re going to do the same thing but going in the opposite direction. And this burns, guys! But feel the burn. We love the burn. Feel the burn, we love the burn. The more you’re contracting–remember, the more controlled your movement is, the more you’re working those muscles. So keep everything engaged. If you guys are at all confused, make sure you read the description box for more detailed information. So this is a very basic exercise, I’m sure a lot of you guys are familiar with this. It’s called a bicep curl. Now don’t think you need weights to do the bicep curl, because this is all about contraction, okay? So remember, if you know how to contract your muscles, you don’t really need weights. You can work off your body weight. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to fully extend your arms. And you’re just going to bring your hands up to meet your shoulders. Now you really want to contract your biceps. And going down is a slower movement, okay? And then coming up, really contract the biceps. And a slower movement going down, making sure you’re extending all the way down. Really contract it. Slow going down. Back up, really contracting your biceps. So clearly, my guilty pleasure is chocolate. I would love to know what your guilty pleasure is? Comment below. This is called a plank row. So we’re going to start it off in a plank position. Make sure your stomach is tucked in. So is your hip. So your booty is not sticking out like this, it’s tucked in. Everything is engaged to your core, and you’re going to row. Alternating arms. Also, really squeeze your lats. MAYA: And this works out..? This is just a great full body workout, working your core and also working your arms and back. You also make sure you’re really contracting it and breathing. Breathing is really important, guys. So make sure you’re breathing in and out while you’re working out. So this is the same starting position as a plank, but it’s a tricep push up. So you’re going to lower yourself down just using your triceps–your arms, and pull yourself back up. Make sure everything is engaged. And you’re really just using your arms to go down and up. MAYA: It’s like a push up. THALITA: Yeah, it’s a tricep pushup. If this is too challenging for you, what you can do is you can use your knees. And again, all the way down, almost touching the floor. You almost want to have your chest touching the floor. And make sure you’re really working your triceps. And this should burn, guys! And we’re going to do this for 30 lovely seconds. Make sure everything is engaged. Your abs are contracted, and you’re breathing in and out. Very important. Alright, so this is our last exercise. It’s called a flutter kick, for the abs. So you’re going to bring this leg down, and then we’re going to reverse it. So back and forth, one up, the other one down. Now you want to also bring a little bit of your upper body up, so you’re really targeting the abdominals. Again, the faster you go, the more you’re burning. So you really want to make sure you’re going fast. Try not to put so much pressure and relax your neck. The last set of exercises is a bonus workout and it’s targeting the glutes. But it’s a lower body workout, so you want to make sure you’re squeezing your glutes while you’re doing every single rep. Now what you’re going to do is bring this leg to the front and you’re going to go up and down for 15 counts. And now you’re going to bend your leg, almost touching the floor and then you’re going to kick back. And really squeeze those glutes while you kick back. Now the next one is going to be the circles. So the same thing you did with the arms, you’re going to do with the legs for 15. You guys can take it from here. It’s pretty straight forward, just make sure you do the other side. Oh yeah! Check out my hot body! No! Make sure you guys follow Thalita on Instagram. Look at Jackie and her booty! Baby got back! Remember to do you, be you, and stay true. Be shameless. Check out these awesome videos, whether you guys need a 10 minute butt lift, or a 10 minute ab workout. And make sure you guys subscribe! New videos every Monday and Thursday.

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