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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

my name is Nathan Williams I’m known for having one of the widest backs on the natural bodybuilding stage today we are going through my back
workout I always start with the hardest exercise I start with a deadlift and then go
on to a row, pull up and I’ll taper it down towards the end including more
supersets. deadlifts! I start with the hardest exercise possible deadlifts deadlifts at the beginning take quite a
while to warm up through the sets the heavier you go the more rest you’ll
need I try to lift it as much as possible but trying to keep injury free
at the same time if you can’t feel the weight then I’ll
strip it down that’s what I always preach to my clients and then once they’re confident
with the movement then they can start up in the weight form and tempo understanding the movement mind to muscle deadlifts the daddy of all exercises
make sure that you get them in your workouts I always try and incorporate a good row
into my back workouts that also helps with developing that thickness I’m
really able to get my chest out and pull my shoulder blades back to really engage
that mind to muscle connection a lot of guys who start off in the gym,
they always want to do the muscles that they see in the mirror okay and find later down the line they create imbalances and I found that’s what
happened with me so I always try and get as much as possible from each workout and then towards the end of the workout
our in corporate more super sets which requires a little bit less rest you train your back well you find that
you hold your shoulders up a pull back your chest is out on you you look and
feel good about yourself


  1. Very impressive, Nathan. However….do we really NEED Deadlifts😔? I mean…that's the one exercise I'm frightened of in my 40+ years of working out. Just asking….

  2. Brutal Back, but not sure if it‘s natural 🤔 Do i really need all these rowing exercises in a good Back-Workout?

  3. I'm having trouble believing he is natty…. Though he doesn't look that rediculously huge in his shirt. Back is his strongest body part… Really hard to say…

  4. Deadlifts 4×10 (increasing weight)
    Close grip lat pull downs 4×8/10
    Plate machine row 4×8/10 last set drop set
    A. Seated row 4×8/10
    B. Straight arm pull down 4×8/10
    Single arm dumbbell rows 4×8/10

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