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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys my name is AJ Ellison WBFF Pro
and three times muscle model world champion today we’re going to focus on shoulders so first we’re starting off with the
dumbbell presses we’ll do 10 times 10 so when it’s all said and done you’ll be
doing 100 reps of dumbbell presses I prefer seated just because you have
more stability, if you’re standing then you’re going to engage your core a lot
more but for this particular workout we’re going to be doing them seated so we’re progressively getting heavy
so you’re finishing off with relatively heavy weight the next exercise we’re going to do
lateral raises this is going to hit the lateral head of your shoulders with this one we’re doing five sets of
10 standing, hands to the side raising them up so your arms are parallel to the
ground and then you’re going to target the rear
part of your delts by bending over in this is called rear flies you really want to target the rear delts
I like to have my thumbs facing each other my thumbs facing in and when I
rotate I’m going to rotate from the shoulders and not pinch my scapula, that’s going to engage the rear delts more we’re going to move over to cables I like using cables for upright rows,
just give it more tension all the way through I can control the weight a lot
better and I feel like I get a better pinch at the top so this one palms are facing towards
your body you grab the handle and basically your arms are coming up elbows
up and out and your palms or your hands are coming towards your chin I’m hitting
the different angles just to round out my shoulders, you want to be a
well-rounded from front to back also to prevent injuries as well but
aesthetically it just looks better to have rounded out shoulder caps so I’m
really focusing on hitting the lateral part of the shoulders and the rear part
of the shoulders as well the upright rows is going to get that it’s also
going to get your traps and rhomboids a little bit as well crazy eight is a finishing move I
like to do it’s five exercises, eight reps apiece the five exercises are front
raises the lateral raises rear flies upright rows and shoulder presses so you have five exercises consecutively
eight reps apiece that’s 40 repetitions so choose a weight so you can actually
control the weight for each rep if you’re just swinging the waist and you
just going through the motions for me it’s always about bringing
balance to the rest of my body and one of the lagging parts is that I always
get criticized on with my shoulders so that was something I really wanted to
work on shoulders aren’t they’re not my favorite muscle group to work out but
you know once you start making your most hated exercises your most liked then you
know you’re seeing some progress by the end feels like I have cannon balls on my
shoulders the blood that’s in there the shoulders are really tight it’s just
it’s the pain it hurts so good so there it is that’s one of my favorite
shoulder workouts give that a try comment let me know how you get along subscribe guys watch it this is the best
fitness channel ever


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  2. TBH these are great workouts but I feel as if it's a it too much reps if your trying to get bigger. Do about 4 sets of each.


  4. This is the best work out πŸ’ͺi had ever seen & I did it today it works superb please guide me on bicep also, thanks

  5. Never heard of this guy or the channel. Like the honesty of declaring shoulders as not a favourite…as a result have come up with a compact, tidy and simple routine. Legs and gluts are my favourite.

  6. Mannnnnnn! Great Aesthetics I'm going to try that 10 by 10 set. Might be able to get 5 or 6 sets, I'm just sayn lol.

  7. Great routine. At 59 and retired, I can't wait until Monday morning to go to my gym and try it out! I'm really going to look like I know what I'm doing and can't wait for the results! Thanks again young brother!

  8. This is how a Real Perfect fitness physique is supposed to look like , not zyzzs physique. Zyzz had a weird skinny hyena body with Suicide slopping shoulder traps.. R.I.P. to zyzz though but he did not have a better body than this guy.

  9. It's been about two months since I got into the weight lifting, when I do my shoulders I don't feel them pumped or anything, they just feel weak and knackered am I doing something wrong?

  10. Did this today after watching last night. Definitely feel the burn. First time seeing vascularity in my shoulders ever. Idk what the other people are talking about, this workout is actually realistic for a natural as long as you're not ego lifting

  11. Great stuff shot in the most shittiest way. Guy's talking about thumbs show his thumbs, guy's talkin about inclined angle show me the fucking angle, sad when good stuff is useless coz some Cameraman din do his job right.

  12. How much time do you take in between each set? Or what would you recommend?
    Edit: also do you stick to the same weight for each set or do you gradually increase the weight?
    Edit again: ok I heard you say gradually increase the weight lol back to the gym

  13. Hi guys, this way of training with high series and high reps is really making a change in my body, I finally star loosing abdominal fat, that one that never goes away, I also stop the 20 minutes cardio before lifting weight, just 5 min for warm up, another benefit is that since I am lifting less weight to finish all the reps I haven't reinjury my chest and shoulder, I been doing this for 1 month and so far is great.

  14. 100 reps for shoulder press? Then those additional workouts after that? Dude, my workout's done at 40 reps…am i fat?

  15. I love the crazy 8 routine. It works well. I definitely can see a difference in the size and the symmetry has improved. Thanks my man. Keep the videos coming my man.

  16. I’ve done your exercises first time today and to be honest I don’t remember when I get so pumped up !!! Thanks mate great workout !!!

  17. Not necessary, it's all about intensity, 10Γ—10, can you really give 100% on 10 sets of one exercise. I think not.

  18. A J, i workout on my upper body areas 4 days a week. Day1 could be the chest, day 2 the back and shoulders day 3 the arms and day 4 cordials. The issue I've being having problems with is my weight, I go from 195 to 204 over and over, I just can't keep the weight down. I try dieting taking various shakes and pills, but no positive results!! Any advise would be nice!!

  19. I am following your workout yesterday was my first day I used 10 kg for dumbbell press I did 8 raps of 10 couldn't do more next time I'll try to reach 10 raps with 12 kgs dumbbell

  20. This is the day my shoulder work out about to switch lanes I'm gonna snitch on Athlean-X sorry but this guy is like Arnold Schwarzenegger and he is my idol so yeah I'm gonna cheat on Athlean-X

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