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hey guys what’s up this is Brian Shaw
four-time world Strongest Man I’m gonna give you a little rundown on some of my
biggest accomplishments and awards over the years in our living room is where I display my
biggest trophies and awards which are the World’s Strongest Man trophies four of
those across the top and then these statues of Luis Serra are actually the
trophies from the Arnold Classic which is another major competition for us I’ve
got a two of those I kind of ran out of room on the top and the third ones down
a little bit lower I’m gonna have to figure out a different shelf for some of
them but you know out of these obviously have a lot of memories from from all of
these competitions you know I think I think probably my first first Arnold
this trophy here in 2011 was was a big contest for me because a lot of people
that time were saying that I wasn’t strong enough to win Arnold and that I
couldn’t beat my main rival at the time at Arnold Classic
because it was such a heavy competition and so I was very very motivated to
prove people wrong with that and so winning that title was huge all these
trophies represent a lot of hard work and dedication and sacrifice and you
know and that’s a lot of what I remember for sure when I look at them and what
they remind me of alright guys so welcome to my personal
gym this is where all the hard work happens where I get all my training in
actually started in my parent’s garage I started buying some equipment and they
let me kind of take over their garage when I was first starting with the sport
and it’s only grown and grown since then I’ve changed you know different
locations and my goal was always really to bring it home certainly invested a
ton of money no idea how much doesn’t really matter because everything in here
serves a purpose and you know I’ve got I’ve got all the training tools that I
need to be successful in strongman so you know I really believe that having
the right mindset during training is very important as well so you know for
me I can come in here I can do all the things that I need to do to get in the
right headspace to train to prepare for my next competition these are called
circus dumbbells all of these are loadable dumbbells so
as you can see here on the end you can take that cap off and then fill the end
of the dumbbell with either sand or lead or a combination of both of those and
these are very fun I mean it’s a fun event very visually impressive
it’s something an event I actually really enjoyed it there’s a lot of
factors certainly with picking up a stone you know it’s it’s it’s very
different because there’s no handles just a round stone you have to grab it
this is probably my favorite strongman event is the Atlas stones and one of the
one of the big reasons I would say that is because as a kid I remember watching
world Strongest Man growing up and the Atlas stones was always that kind of
iconic event the lightest one is around 260 pounds and then the heaviest one I
think this one is at about 450 pounds so the they go you know kind of scale up to
290 to 300 330 360 4 around 410 or 415 and 450 so yeah it’s it’s a good good
set I mean I have a training set i I’ve have bigger stones as well that
I’ll bring in if I need to but this is the main set that I trained with
typically here so another classic strongman event is the tire flip and
this is something that you know if you go to a local contest or even sometimes
you know Pro contest it is not certainly not as prominent as used to be because a
lot of the top level contests really have got worried about the guys tearing
their biceps on the tire flipping a tire is a great test of strength and it’s a
great way to incorporate conditioning into your programs you know if you’re
looking to train at home or even if your gym
you know a spot that you could get a tire or two you know going and picking a
couple of these up I think it’s a great way to add some fun and some
conditioning to your training program hey guys thanks for checking out all
these videos and I hope you’ve enjoyed this inside look into you know a little
bit about the sport of strongman and some of the equipment that it takes to
train with and if you get a chance to try it out make sure that you do because
it’s a heck of a lot of fun also for a lot of epic and fun content make sure
you check out the link below to my youtube channel

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  2. Brian thinks his strongman trophies are cool? Wait till he sees my participation trophies from the little league.

  3. Lots of dedication, hard work and Food 🤣😂
    Now thats a cool set up to have in the Garage 👌👍👍
    Nice video

  4. Hope he dedicates an entire wall with a custom case at the new house that is being built. He was first 7 times in the 2 biggest comps and runner up if he didn't win it all. Amazing competitor! Tough as fucking nails.

  5. Soon to be 5 times worlds strongest man. I hope he wins that 5th title and more Arnold classic championships. And then be a guide for upcoming strongmen because Shaw is nice like that.

  6. Hey bro I’m a tall teenager and I workout but I’m still skinny, and I always get shit from other people about it. Do you have any tips. Your video inspired me to stop feeling like a sad ass and start to do something about it. Thanks bro. 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯🙏

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