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100 thoughts on “World’s Strongest Men in a Tug o’ War Challenge at Braemar Gathering Highland Games site in Scotland

  1. നീയൊക്കെ ഷാജി പാപ്പന്റെ വിന്നേഴ്സ് പോത്ത് മുക്കെന്നു കേട്ടിട്ടുണ്ടോ 💪💪💪💪

  2. 4 mens (600kg) & 7 mens (550kg)
    Ther is 7 mens team are win thats trik of tugofwar (6hands and 6 legs power are more then there wait)

  3. പാവാടയും ഇട്ടോണ്ട് ആണോടാ വടംവലിക്ക് വന്നേക്കുന്നത്…..

  4. i did compete in tow for years and this is a stupid contest since they arent using real tow boots with steel heels, they cant use their trained in tecniqes, if they whould go by the rule book it whould take alot less to beat those four

  5. please come and help now,,,,,,they need help now,,,,,, bring whole crew over now,,,,,wwe is coming over now,,,,,watch this now

  6. I feel so nice when i see people givig their best efoorts to win and still have fun and joke with the enemies. The true spirit of sports

  7. I think they use hell of power boosters like protein powders, shakes and asteroids beside they are extraordinary strong .

  8. It is DANGEROUS if the wrong rope is used. Look up "tug of war disasters". There have been a number of incidents in which the rope snapped and sliced off arms and legs as the ends of the rope whipped back into the teams pulling on each end. Care must be taken to ensure that the rope is strong enough for the expected tension it must endure in a tug-of-war game, given the number of players and how much they weigh.

  9. One man can never win from two man. In a fight two man will kill the strongman in seconds it doesn't matter how big strong heavy someone is

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