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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

♪ (music) (Doc Turner)It’s kind of
like you have your own gym. (Caleb Jones) It’s just fun how
after church you can come and workout or play basketball. (Lillan Chambliss) If you come
to church here, you can also come into the YMCA
rec room and work out. (Leroy Chambliss) Health and wholeness, mind body and spirit. This is why we’re here…. (narrator) On Sunday mornings,
Stillwater United Methodist meets at the Kleptz
YMCA near Dayton, Ohio. ♪ (singing) ♪ For an hour, the basketball
court is transformed from a place for hoops into
a holy sanctuary. ♪ (singing) ♪ (Lillian Chambliss) We’ll have
an altar, we have the chairs, we have the screens. We have everything that you
would find in a church – kneeling rails and a prayer wall
and people can feel like they’re actually worshipping here. (narrator) The Reverend Leroy
Chambliss calls this assignment “the appointment of a lifetime,”
partially because it keeps him accountable for his
own daily workout. (Leroy Chambliss) I’ve been
determined that I want to live a longer life. The men on my mother’s
side primarily lived in to their 50’s. I am 64 years old. I personally have diabetes and
high-blood pressure issues in my family. And some of those are
associated with just being an African-American. So, I know that with diet and
exercise you can manage some of those particular key factors. (narrator) The Turner family
comes for Sunday school, a healthy breakfast
and a family workout. (Doc Turner) We like to
do the weights, cardio. (Marketta Turner) Sunday has
always been a good day for family for me and my family,
so this keeps it where we’re all under one roof. Sometimes the kids come and
challenge us on a workout and sometimes they just
go do their own thing. (narrator) Nathan Jones and his
fiancée Elizabeth are regulars at the gym church. (Nathan Jones) I’m a
nurse in profession… just having the mental, physical
and spiritual part of it just kind of ties
everything together. It’s just a good thing to
come here and have service and follow it with a workout. (Elizabeth Schumacher) My family
has a lot of health problems in the past year that
lead to hospitalizations that I took it upon myself
to not only better myself but to be a beacon for
my family to say, “This is what I have done personally to
change myself and to change and better myself.” (narrator) Chambliss’
wife Lillian is a walking testimonial. (Lillian Chambliss) Staying
healthy is very vital to me. As a small child,
I contracted polio. The doctors told my parents
I would never walk again… I had it in my back. So, throughout my life
has just been – wow! God allowed me to be fit, so
let’s take care of this baby from now on. (narrator) For pastor Chambliss,
his office at the Y is a mission field, where he can
emphasize faith and fitness every day of the week. (Leroy Chambliss) I have great
relationships with my teens and children that attend here. I attend their high school
events – swim meets and basketball games – just,
talk to them, to be a friend. I think that in many cases,
relationship building is the key to relevancy regardless of
the age of the individual. I look at the Y like
the woman at the well. People come here. And as a representative
of the Kingdom, of the Church in general,
I’m here to meet them and provide that
spiritual connect.

4 thoughts on “Worship and Workout (UMTV)

  1. I LOVE this!!! I am a huge fitness buff and gym rat and if my church had such a worship/workout program in place I DEFINITELY would go. I am sure this church will attract seekers. God bless you in your ministry. 🙂

  2. They should do this in more places it would attract more ppl to worship and also get more worshippers healthy

  3. I'm not a "Christian" though I was not that long ago. In fact I was deeply involved with the Christian Biker movement and rode with a Christian MC when I WAS a "Christian". I'm Taoist now in my understanding. But I commend the Pastor and his family and congregation for synthesizing the physicality and spirituality of God. God bless them all.

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