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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, I always say it: “If you want to look like
an athlete, you’ve got to train like an athlete.” Today we’re training like athletes. WWE Superstar Sheamus, who’s actually a
subscriber to our channel – when I find out that information it always humbles me. But what’s even cooler is I get a chance
to actually have these guys come in here and train. When Sheamus contacted me, he wanted to come
in, he wanted to train in the X-box, we caught a lot of that on film. Actually, the entire video is on film. We’re going to release that on his channel. That will be over at Celtic Warrior Workouts. So, if you guys haven’t already subscribed
to that channel, I’m definitely recommending you do. It’s got workouts he does with other WWE
superstars. It gives you behind the scenes sneak peeks
at what they do and I’m actually a fan of the channel. You can link to that and watch that up here. Make sure you’re subscribing and turning
on notifications because our video, the full workout with me actually going through all
the exercises with him and trying to hang with Sheamus himself is going to be viewable
there in the next 24 to 48 hours. In the meantime, I want to show you what that
workout looks like in action. SHEAMUS: It’s freezing. Jeff! JEFF: What’s up, brother?! SHEAMUS: How’s it going? How are you? JEFF: How you doing? SHEAMUS: Great, man. Thank you so much for having me here. JEFF: Thanks for coming, man. SHEAMUS: I’ve been super excited since I
spoke to you the first time in our first conversation we had about my YouTube channel, Celtic Warrior
Workouts at ATHLEANX and I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time. JEFF: I’m super pumped to have you here. SHEAMUS: That’s great, mate. Absolutely great. Love your workouts, big fan of your channel. As I said I’m excited to get to stop in
and get to do a Jeff Cavaliere breaking workout. JEFF: In the ring, beating yourself up, heavy
travel schedule, not a lot of sleep, recovery; you need to be able to hit it, and hit hard,
and get out of the gym, and go back and recover. We can do that. We don’t have to beat up your joints if
we use some exercises that actually lighten that load. But at the same time, still get that desired
end result of getting bigger and getting stronger. SHEAMUS: Awesome, yeah. JEFF: We’re going to do a posterior chain
workout. It’s from the back of your heels all the
way up to the back of your neck, up here. We want to get that stuff to work together. As athletes, I think that’s the area we
either fatigue the most, we have the most amount of weakness, and we just don’t train
it that much. SHEAMUS: Let’s do it. JEFF: Ready for the fun? SHEAMUS: Yeah, absolutely. JEFF: Let’s go. Drive through. That’s it. There you go. Lean forward. Pull them up this way. Lead with your hands so- SHEAMUS: Like that? JEFF: There you go. Hands up over your shoulder. SHEAMUS: That way. JEFF: Almost like you’re trying to toss
them back over your shoulders. SHEAMUS: Like that? JEFF: Yep. Okay, do you feel that posterior side there? SHEAMUS: I feel everything. JEFF: Just – yeah. Knees, let your hips drop back, forward, and
then throw- SHEAMUS: Oh, wow. JEFF: Then from there, just drop the hips
down. Just the hip, right, and then through. Right there. You see that? SHEAMUS: So from here-? JEFF: Just stay right to there. yep. SHEAMUS: Okay. JEFF: So, I reach across, reach across, you’re
going to come and just – arms straight. So right here. There you go. Then you’re going to come up and out. There you go. You’ve got it. perfect. Perfect, dude. That’s it. Anybody can do them like this. That same person is going to wind up killing
their lower back. What you’ve got to do is use your glutes
to load the low back properly. That means instead of being here, you get
here. SHEAMUS: Okay. JEFF: Which is that hip hinge again, which
protects the low back. SHEAMUS: Okay. JEFF: Right over the top. Hands down. Get ready to absorb it with the other hand. There you go. There you go. That’s it. Head straight. That’s it. If your head stays straight, your hips will
stay straight. Perfect. Feel that? SHEAMUS: It’s weird. It feels so weird. JEFF: It wants to twist you and you’ve got
to teach your body to be more stable and prevent that. If you just think about what a muscle does,
it allows you to make it work even harder. SHEAMUS: Right. JEFF: If we know it starts from way down here
in our pelvis and goes all the way up to the back of our arm, we need to get our arm and
our pelvis as far apart as we can to get the maximum stretch. If we have a good stretch, we get a more powerful
contraction. SHEAMUS: Okay. So here, right? JEFF: Yep. Drop back. Now reach around this part, get as far away
as you can. Keep your head straight. That’s it. Let the other arm float. There you go. That’s it. Rotate the hips as you come through. There you go. Like that. That’s it. Nice, man. That’s perfect. This is your engine, right here. Drive it up. By the way, when this is stable this will
work better. SHEAMUS: Oh, sh*t. JEFF: Nice. We have a saying ‘you can’t fire a cannon
from a canoe’. If the ground is unstable and you try to shoot
a cannon off that, there’s no way that thing is going accurately where you want it to go. If you can stabilize from the ground up – from
the base – now you’ve got something to actually work off. That’s what’s happening. You stabilize the glutes, the upper top part
here, and the back muscles will work more efficiently. Awesome. So from here? SHEAMUS: Yeah. JEFF: It’s a squat. SHEAMUS: Yeah. JEFF: Everything pulls through together. Right here, squat down, pull. You’ve got all your big muscles working
together here. SHEAMUS: Here? JEFF: Yep. SHEAMUS: All right. JEFF: Sit down first. Sit down first. Then come up, then you’ve got to pull everything
together. Pull up. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. Come on! I said one of the key components to getting
the lats to work is not just getting that adduction of the arm down into your side. One of the biggest functions of the lats that
we saw in that single arm was to get back, behind the bar with extension. You can’t really do that if we stay vertical. If we go back to a leaning back pulldown we
stay back here. That’s okay. You’re going to get that extension, but
you’re missing all that vertical pull of the lats. So, we have all that with the lats, which
lets it stay vertical, but then get that extension. So, you bring it down here, and then when
you get to that point you drive the elbow back, down, and behind you, okay? Try to stay as vertical as you can. Back to here, and then pulldown. SHEAMUS: Okay. So, we’re going here, yeah? JEFF: Yeah, you’ve got longer arms than
me. So, your arms are pulling straight. Try to stay upright. Pull it straight down, down through here,
and you pull down on one side and squeeze. You feel that? SHEAMUS: Yeah. JEFF: Down, squeeze. You feel that? Each time it’s down it’s squeeze and rotate. Just like that, man. SHEAMUS: That’s crazy. JEFF: Yeah. SHEAMUS: That’s crazy. JEFF: Huge pulls. SHEAMUS: Just using that pulldown machine
is a completely different exercise. That’s mad. JEFF: Sounds nice and sweet. Come down here. All we’re doing is getting our glutes contracted
here, we get our thighs up off the ground. SHEAMUS: Yeah. JEFF: Arms will stay up here, come all the
way down, to your side, come back up, and touch. If you get seven and seven – in that 15-rep
range – we’re good. Isn’t it amazing how weak those muscles
get on that back side? Think of how much you press out in front of
your body. That’s about 2.5lbs in that movement and
challenging that is. But that’s why we’re doing what we’re
doing. We have our conditioning exercise where – I
like battle ropes, but I think a lot of times people use the battel ropes- SHEAMUS: These are for Instagram videos like
I have in the past, right? We’re going to do one like ‘Yeah!’. JEFF: Slam it as hard as you can. Again, what’s happening is, everything tends
to be front side dominant again. We can make this more of an upper back activity
by just slowing it down a little bit, focusing on what muscles are working, and get it to
actually do that. So, you grab an underhand grip here. That’s it. Come on! Dig in. Four more, let’s go. Nice and high. Get in closer. Come in closer. There you go. Get those arms up high. Here, just doing a row. We’re just going to row this row. SHEAMUS: That’s cool. JEFF: I like to do it out of this position
here and swap about halfway through. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. Pull! 2, 1. SHEAMUS: Jeff, I’ve wanted to work out with
you for a long time. You didn’t disappoint me. This is off the charts. There’s no doubt working out with you today,
that’s the reason why you’re in the top of the game. Best in the world, right here. JEFF: So, there you have it, guys. Obviously, he left it all out there. Guys, I can honestly tell you this: when Sheamus
came in here, arrived at Hartford Airport, drove down, got in here late at night, we
were filming these workouts until 1:00 in the morning. He was still ready to go. He wanted to go a couple more rounds. I have to admit, I’m the one that copped
out. I had to go to bed. The fact is, I’ve never seen a harder worker. I’ve never seen a guy more willing to leave
his ego at the door, and train, and learn, and train hard, and I think that’s why he’s
as successful as he is. More importantly, I think that’s why he’s
as good of a dude as he is in person. Again, I recommend you head over to that channel. Check it out and make sure you’re watching
over there because our full video of the workout is going to show up soon. In the meantime, if you liked this video,
guys, click thumbs up. Subscribe to our channel and be on the lookout. There is one more coming, and guess who gets
involved? Jesse decides to challenge Sheamus. I have to tell you; the odds don’t look
so good for him. That video is coming up next time on our channel. All right, guys. I’ll see you again soon.

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