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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

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101india Bodybuilding made me who I am today Bodybuilding is my madness Bodybuilding is my passion Bodybuilding is in my blood Many times I hear things like ‘This girl looks like a transgender’ ‘Her hormones have completely changed’ ‘She looks like a man’ ‘She isn’t soft and delicate like a woman’ Initially I used to get affected by comments
like this But gradually, I started understanding the
mindset of these people I told myself to forget it and ignore them Because they can’t achieve anything themselves When it comes to saying it to my face They don’t have the guts The first award I ever won was Ms. Uttar Pradesh After that, I won Ms. India twice Then I represented my country in China I was the only female athlete to represent
India in China I am the only one who’s won a Bronze medal
for the country When I was younger, I felt very lonely I always felt like there was something missing I was an introvert and kept mostly to myself I didn’t speak to anyone, and didn’t have
too many friends That’s how I was as a child My parents got divorced when I was 2 years
old Both of them have remarried Both of them are now busy with their own lives They never really bothered much about me I’ve struggled a lot in my childhood It happens when you’re growing up and your
parents abandon you Eventually other relatives start looking at
you as a burden on them When I was in the 7th standard, I fell really
sick I was literally on my deathbed I was immediately admitted to hospital Later, they found out that I had typhoid and
it was pretty severe The typhoid was so severe that I was given
a steroid treatment to revive me As a side effect of the steroids, my face
was covered in acne I also put on a lot of weight, which kept
increasing day by day People at home started calling me names Saying that I eat up all the food in the house,
leaving nothing for my sisters Or that I had become so ugly I had to listen to taunts like these In fact, a very close friend of mine even
told me I should get plastic surgery for my face I had to face problems at school as well All my friends would keep taunting me So I lost all my confidence Even though I was depressed, I took all that
in my stride And I told myself that someday, I will have
a great body And that would show all these people That’s when I joined a gym that was next to
my house It was a small local ladies’ gym Till I got my first job, I used to ask My grandmother for Rs. 300 To pay the gym fees Then one day she told me she couldn’t Afford to pay my gym fees anymore That gym had become my whole life All the emotional turmoil I felt at home I would vent all my aggression out in the
gym And that was going to be snatched away from
me It was like meditation for me But at the time, I didn’t have an option So I told the owner of the gym that I wouldn’t
be able to come anymore Because I couldn’t afford it She suggested instead that I should teach
the girls’ exercises And then I wouldn’t need to pay the gym fees Even though my childhood was full of struggles Today, I feel like it was a blessing in disguise If I wouldn’t have gone through all those
situations, If I wouldn’t have gone through all that torture From relatives, friends, and family Then maybe I wouldn’t have been this strong
or independent today One day, someone gave me a belly dancing DVD Saying that since I’m into fitness, I might
like it Then I realised how sensual and strong belly
dance is And what a strong message it conveys Which very few people actually understand Most people see it in a different light But those who practice this dance Feel that their body is a temple, and the
dance is a prayer That they are offering to their temple I was the first woman who opened a gym in
Gurgaon And I was the first woman owner of a gym Initially, it was a little difficult for men
to digest Because it’s unusual for a female trainer
to train men Their viewpoints have changed now Regarding the fact that even a woman can train
men in a gym That a woman can also be a bodybuilder, and
can also own a gym To those who think that women are weak They should try and remember that it’s a woman
who gave birth to them Generally, if a man looks at a woman a certain
way, she gets scared Or are afraid to speak up But when a woman does some sort of physical
activity And stays active and takes care of her body Her mental outlook changes And she won’t tolerate that kind of crap anymore She will definitely give it right back Because unless you’re mentally strong You can’t become physically strong either So it’s a combination of mental and physical
fitness That’s why I tell all the girls (at the gym) That it’s essential to take care of your body Not just to look nice or slim But to gain strength Not just physically, but mentally as well

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