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hi everyone welcome to my channel my
name is Kassandra and today’s thirty-minute class designed
specifically for weight lifters so we’ll be trying to target the hips
and chest mostly starting out in child’s pose. Let’s bring our big toes to touch. knees about shoulder width distance
apart walking your palms out in front of you so you can relax your head and chest down onto
the ground so if your forehead doesn’t quite make
it down onto the mat you can always slide a block underneath here and if there’s any pain or tension through the lower back you can always bring your knees a little bit closer
toward each other shrugging shoulder blades down your
back keep the neck long and start to take long deep belly breaths allowing the hips to sink down towards
the heels relaxing the jaw, neck, shoulders let’s take three more breaths right here and creating space at the back of the
heart and allowing your upper body to be heavy let’s walk our palms back in make your way
into a tabletop pose palms underneath your shoulders knees
underneath your hips and take a few rounds of cat and cow so on an inhale drop the belly lift the gaze and as you exhale your spine bringing chin to chest
try to keep your elbows straight here take a few more rounds follow the rhythm
of your own breath and just try to get the motion to come
through your shoulder blades and upper body starting to warm up the spine keeping
your fingertips spreading middle finger pointing towards the top
to the mat take a few more rounds inhale look forward exhale round your
spine creates space between the shoulder
blades and let’s find our high push-up position walking your feet back keep your
shoulders over your wrists or maybe a couple inches past your wrists so that
you’re really high on the balls of your feet tail bone lengthening towards your heels
find your breath try not to hold your breath heart reaches forward on an exhale lower all the way down to your
belly set your feet about hip with distance
apart and interlace your fingers behind your
lower back on an inhale chin and chest lift up keep your legs and feet down on the
mat for this first variation.Squeeze your shoulder blades behind your back really
start to get into the chest and upper body back of the neck stays long. Exhale release it down will do a few more
rounds just like that so still keeping our hips legs and feet down onto the mat
on an inhale chin and chest rise up reach your knuckles towards your heels if you’d like to engage your legs go ahead and lift them up. if it’s too much for your back to keep them down make sure you’re not holding your
breath here squeeze your shoulder blades a little bit more and exhale set it down bring your palms underneath your
shoulders and make your way into puppy pose so keep your hips over your knees and
just walk up arms out in front you so you get a really deeper opening through
the shoulders and chest here forehead relaxes down onto the mat same thing as before if your forehead
doesn’t quite make it you can always lower down the block instead so you should be feeling a good opening
to the pectorals here if you’d like to make this pose little
bit deeper and going to the triceps press your palms together start to bend
the elbows and bring your knuckles behind your head and you might need to walk your elbows out an inch or two in front of
you here getting deeper into the shape keep your abdominals engaged so
there’s no sway in your lower back try to melt your heart down
towards the ground let’s bring our palms back down onto the mat and from here curl your toes under lift
your hips up towards the sky find your first
downward dog bend your knees as much as you need to here feet are hip width distance apart. palms are
shoulder width distance apart fingertips spreading try to relax your neck as you curl your
tailbone up towards the sky getting into the backs of the legs and then slowly step forward to the
top of the mat take a forward fold bend your knees as much as you need to
so instead of focusing on the hamstrings here we’re going to lengthen the spine so
let your head be heavy hold on to opposite elbows as you sway from
side to side may be lifting all 10 toes off the mat
to engage arches lifting your quads of your knees pulling up through the legs. bend your knees
generously and slowly come all the way up to stand rolling one vertebrae at a
time no rush here rolling shoulders down and away from the
ears on an inhalable palms reach up, palms come to touch as you
exhale fold forward relax your neck halfway lift
inhale exhale plant your palms find your high
push-up pose heart reaches forward one breath here exhale lower all the way down onto your
belly find your Cobra on an inhale palms stay down chin and
chest lift up keep your hips down onto the mat elbows
hug in shoulders down and away from the ears and as you exhale lower your heart back
down and find your way into downward dog right leg rises up towards the sky and
inhale go ahead and bend your right knee open up through your right hip try not to twist your upper body too much
here let this be about your hips and legs only and with control step your right
foot forward to the top in the mat and lower your back knee down find your
low lunge making sure you’re right knee is not going past your right ankle both arms reach up starting to stretch into hip flexor,psoas, through your left leg think of pulling your upper body out of
your waist here staying long through the spine breathing
in and out through the nose let’s come into a side bend bring your
right hand on your waist and reach your left arm up and over getting even deeper through your left hip flexors and maybe getting a bit of a stretch to the left side of
your ribs pull yourself back up the center drop
your palms down onto the mat left your back the offer the ground
answer to walk your palms over towards the left side if you’re not so that both feet are parallel towards
the shortages your Mac tenure in a wide look at for
which holds so now starting to get a little bit more into the hamstrings and
helps make sure your weight is evenly
distributed and try to relax your upper body as much as you can let’s get into the shoulders by
interlacing our fingers behind her lower back pain reaching your knuckles up and
over you can always bend your knees a little
bit here a wide in your stance whatever you need to do let’s bring our palms back down onto the
mat halfway left on in here what your palms all the way back towards
the front bending and shear right knee so that you’re finding your high lunch both arms reach up so you’re on your
back tolls a few left but right knee is bent trying
to get your right by parallel towards the ground seeking your hips down a little bit
lower maintaining your left through the upper body let’s take a
twist right arm goes back left arm goes
forward try to keep your shoulders over your hips year so you’re not leaning
forward early evening back at you really need to use your core for this so you can hug your lower abdominals in
pressing your palms down stay strong through your back you really need to use
your actors here to twist drop your left palm down onto the Mac
right arm up in revealing into your left palm so you can roll right shoulder back take one more break here and then drop you’re right palm to the
inside of your right leg to heal your right foot all the way over
to the edge if you’re not to drop your back me down onto the mapped will come into lizard pose two skills
really deep into the inner groin and thigh highs so stay up onto your palms if you’d like
to go deeper into it you can lower down onto your forearms at the floors too far away here you can
always use a blocker to just focus on not using too much
strength through your upper body so that you can really let your hips be happy it keeps squeezing your right knee in
towards your bicep will stay here for another three to five
paths soften the upper body a little bit more
almost at the Palace if you’re on your farm state come back
up onto your palms call you back cuz under find your high push up holes take
one deep breath here on the exhale oh you’re
push-up all the way down to your belly finding your cobra pose once more inhale chin and chest licked up sheep
your elbows bent shoulders relaxed hips are down onto the
mapped exhale poll your heart for reading down and we find your way and downward facing
dog crowing your toes under straightening the likes pressing your chest what’s your thought
I is ready to go do the same sequence over on the second side so this time left: like rises on inhaled
venture let me in open up your left hip trying to twist your upper body so keep
your left shoulder rolling down getting your lucky to be the highest
point secular left foot forward to the top of the night and drop your backing down finding your
lunch so let your hips Inc down low without letting your left he got past
your ankle here both times are reaching up China not cost too much of a sway in
your lower back so you need to engage your cum miles
lightly squeezing your shoulder blades behind your back that’s come into a side then left palm
on your waist right arm reaches up and over getting
deeper three right plexus make sure you’re still rolling your
right shoulder down and away from the air here should be no tension through the neck
both palms come back down onto the mat lift your back me of the ground and spin
as you walk your palms over towards the right side if you’re not straightening through both legs and
folding forward both feet parallel to the shortage in fear not and we’ll get deeper into the hamstrings
and hits here as well sir to occupy homes over towards your
right foot right leg holding on to whatever you can
hear and the further forward you walk your left fingertips the deeper you’ll
be able to get into the side body left side of your reps remember that you can always bend your
knees if you need to trying not to lock the joints are
hyper-extended let’s switch sides start to walk your
palms over towards your left foot holding on to whatever you can crawling
you’re right fingertips forward as much as you can and even here just relax your chest down
south in your neck let your head be heavy trying to hold those little tension as
you can to the neck and shoulders let this be about your lower body only
and then spin your left foot forward to the top of the map so that you can find
your high lunch once more high in the ball if you’re back toes both arms
reaching up hits are sinking down low as you bend
into your left knee trying to get your left by parallel
towards the ground let’s find out west right arm forward left arm back sacking
shoulders over hips look wherever is comfortable for your neck whatever helps
you balance and really press your arms down engage
your fingers sync your hips a little bit lower and then drop you’re right palm down
onto the mat left arm rises up finding your twist leaning into your
right hand as you roll your left shoulder back keep your back me back like lifted drop your left palm to the inside of
your foot as you told you your foot all the way
over towards the edge appear Matt will find or lizard pose a drop your
backing down onto the mat you either stay up onto your palms are
maybe lower down launcher forms keep your left knee hugging in towards
your left arm and we’re here for a gonna man it I’m
getting really deep into the hips here and a crime use a block or two if you
need to and as much as possible you’re only
using your arms to support yourself not to hold yourself out at the polls are
struggle against it try to get yourself as comfortable as
you can hear so that you can hold it for 528 breasts set to come back up onto your palms call
you back to us under to look to your right knee find your high pressure polls on inhaled
as you exhale or all the way down to your belly Cobra chin and chest left up other exhale lower down find your way into
downward facing dog curling your toes under straightening
your likes pressing chest what’s your thought is relaxing your neck look forward to the top for the map
stepper help both feet in between your palms halfway left when
you get there exhale fold press to stand both arms reach up
overhead palms come to top Shin as you exhale try your hands and
towards the heart but sticker second flow from here inhalable arm’s reach up parts
come to touch exhale hinge at the hips polled forward
halfway left inhale and then exhale step both beat back
lower your push-up all the way down inhaling to Cobra
exhaled downward facing dog right like rises on an inhale and you’re right me open up your right
hip once more trying to get your right need to be the highest point here and then step your right foot forward to
the top in the matter spin your back heel parallel to the shortage appear not
to find your were your two so you’re bending deeply into your right
knee in pressing not right knee open externally rotating your right hip
present to both feet both likes evenly shoulders they sacked
over your hips extended side angle right forearm over your right I left arm
reaches up and over trying to get one long diagonal line
from your left fingertips all the way down into your left foot look whatever works for your next year keep your head sinking down as low as
you can come back up into were here too and then bring both elbows in front view
bent on a 90-degree angle from here swing you’re right arm
underneath your left binding once or twice and as you inhale let your elbows up as high as you can
and on the exhale start to fold forward as low as you can maintaining your
warrior to like so you’re still bending and shear rate me and keeping your left
leg straight so this gets really deep into the hips if you can’t go down all the way that’s
fine try to hold halfway creating space to the back of
the shoulder blades release your arms drop your palms down
onto the mat straight into both legs and find your
white look at former at fault relax your upper body inhale halfway lipped walk your palms
back to the top in the marked turn your right toes forward find your
high lunch three legged dog right leg which is up
in back once more a bend your right knee open up your right hip and let’s minor
wear your to again by eight foot forward back foot parallel to the shortage
appear much both arms reach out shoulders over your hips let’s
straighten I felt like finding your triangle pose hits go back
chess comes forward drop your right palm alongside your shin
left arm reaches up so don’t really worry about how far down
your right palm is going here really all we’re trying to do is link
then both sides apart kids staying long through the spine so
there’s no contraction or collapsing through the front body and
it’s looking up doesn’t work for you just keep your head neutral bring your hand on your waist look down so that both palms can come
down bending and shear rate me bring your palms down to the mat and
find your pigeon pose so you want to get your right knee
behind your right rest and Feb here you’re reaching your life
like out behind you trying to sync your hit as low as you possibly can make sure
your weight is evenly distributed here before you
start to walk your palms out in front of you and fold forward so this does get really deep into the
hips includes if at any point it’s too much just back
out and take a few breaths on a scale one to
10 you wanna be at about a 45 there’s really no reason to go more here and so notice if you’re leaning on your
right hip more than your left try to lay your upper body be relaxed so that gravity can pull your hips down
a little bit lower who’ll take three to five more baths here sector what your palms back in curl your
back toes under make your way back into downward
facing dog and do any luck miss you need to hear get the blood flowing again for that but
like right hip and then we’ll do the second side left like rises cool-headed ensure left he open after that left hip
and set your left foot forward to the top the matter spin your back right she’ll parallel to
the shortage if you’re not finding your warrior to on the second
side so the same you’re bending and shear
left me in pressing your left eye open sinking your hips a little bit deeper let’s come into extended side angle pose
for me here left forearm over your left thigh right
arm reaches up and over one night nice diagonal line from your
right fingertips all the way down to your right foot so that you have your right bicep along
your ear ships are still sinking down low sheik your legs exactly as they are and
on inhaled just let your upper body back up from bending your elbows in five UN
in 90 degree angle this time let’s bring her left arm
underneath are right binding once or twice as you inhale it shall possess hi in on
the exhale fold forward to the inside of your likes
so you’re still pending and you’re left me keeping your right leg straight pressing
your forms together brining through the upper back make sure you’re still breathing here
too deep breaths almost out of the polls unwind your arms straight through both
legs both Peter turned in in just one year
for at fault softening the neck inhale halfway left start to walk your
palms back towards the top of the mount find your three legged dog left like
reaches up the Mac can go ahead and Ben jor left me open up your left hip well it’s coming to wear your to a
second time left foot forward right foot parallel to the shortages
appear not both arms reach out hips are sinking
down low that’s fine or Chinalco straightening through your left leg hips go back just comes forward drop
your left palm along like right arm reaches up towards the sky may
be looking up but that’s comfortable for your neck and so you can hold on sure Shin here
drop a poem on a block fingertips down onto the Mac to you can
just press the outside of your power onto the inside of your shin using your abdominals to hold you up
here rolling your right shoulder back 0 0 good bring your right hand on your waist look down as you bend your left need
both hands come down and find your pigeon pose so this time you trying to bring your
left me behind your left rest reaching your right leg back behind you
leveling your hips as you fold forward 0 so not leaning on one side
more than the other 0 and it’s normal to have a site that’s a
little bit tighter than the others so if that’s the case for you here on this
left side instead of trying to force your body to be doing the exact same thing they did
on the other side just modify and adapt however you need to so you can always use a block or two to
make for a little bit closer towards you the man you’re using your arms for
support but not struggle against the polls to
try to let gravity do most of the work for you here I’ll well I’ll set to lift your head and chest
back up and make your way into downward dog to
any little if that’s what you need to hear that’s come down on 20s then come down on chair farms you want
to be sure that you can hold onto opposite biceps and then set your palms and primes back
down onto the not curl your toes back under and lift your
hips up towards the sky coming into dolphin pose so this is just like downward dog except
you’re down on your forms keep pressing your chest what your
thighs your head is our for the Mac to really engage your shoulders here in key
chapter Baksh this is a pretty challenging pose a
lower down as much as you need to if you do need to maybe walk your toes in a little bit
more trying to straighten through the legs
relaxing your neck 0 I’ll block your feet out behind you and find
your form Pike so your heart reaches forward one long line from the crown of your
head all the way towards your heels squeezing your thighs together high on the balls of your feet lower
your hips down onto the mat walk your palms a couple inches in front of view
and a stretch the front body coming into stinks polls little bit of a
backbend here so let’s commit to a chest open there
from here you’ll need to bring your left arm at a 90 degree angle and then start
to roll lunch here left hip left shoulder keep your head down onto
the mat and use your right hand to press into the ground you might be used during
the stretch against the wall so Saint everything you
want to be getting an opening through the left side if you’re pictorials deep into the biceps and shoulder of and you can play with the angle of your
elbow here so I like to keep my left arm bent at a 90 degree angle for some
people will prefer to have their arm at straight I’ll just whatever gets you the deepest
stretch seating get-go event opening for the front body in the chest I’ll good let’s go towards the second side
straighten your legs roll over onto your belly and this time your right arm bands and a
90 degree angle role once you’re right hip right
shoulder impress her left palm down into the matter so that you can twist a little bit
deeper and starting to unwind from our pact is so
slow down your breath the the well 0 press yourself up into a comfortable
seated pose will finish with a few seeded Hip Hop Honors so bring the soles of the
feet to touch he’s fall apart coming into a butterfly shape setting up
nascent all here I’ll let’s come into a forward fault
relaxing your shoulders down and away from the ears lengthen your spine set to
walk it comes out in front of you and just stopped in the upper body the
the tendency not pose like this is to use our clients intense them up so that
the knees stay higher-ups to see if you can relax relax like gravity pull your knees down gently you can always wide in the space between
your heels in your head so you can use a couple blocks to
support your forehead if you need to just take five deep belly breast 0 the mood that’s come out at the polls blocking
your palms back in slowly letting your about me and then go ahead
and lie all the way down on chair back of trying your right knee in toward your
chest keep your left leg extended pressing
your left heel down into the Mac getting into a hip flexor is one last time 0 may be doing if you can call roles
with your bike cuts any little as you need to do here 0 let’s switch sides bring your left knee
and straighten your right leg down on the ground be doing a few ankle rules on the side
and I’ll of what Street both likes down onto the mat take
up as much space as you’re comfortable taking coming into our corpse pose final
resting polls while palms facing up towards the sky
and maybe allow your eyes close such slow down your breath the new and just give your body the
opportunity to integrate all the elements appear practice giving
yourself time to rest 0 going back to whatever breath it’s
natural to you the new of the 0 well well so this was your yoga for weight lifters
class I hope you enjoyed it thank you so much for watching my video
please remember to subscribe to my channel like this video share it with
your friends thank you again namaste a there of of

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