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hey guys welcome to your yoga workout challenge we are in beautiful kawartha lakes and I’ve got a ten day challenge for you thats going to focus on your core your glutes your stability and your felxibility if you want to read the description to the full challenge please read below everything you need it know is right there other wise grab a mat water and lets do this alright guys were going to begin today seated on your mat going to start with a couple of head rolls release any tension in your neck big head roll to the right and then one more to the left taking a deep breath in and then exhale go ahead and bring your feet on the mat start with our roll up rounding through the spine taking it all the way down inhale reaching over your head exhale roll yourself yp bring one vertebra down at a time come on up and coming down about half way stopping here and then slowly rolling the shoulders both feet coming off the mat holding that boat posture here just breathing finding your center gentle little taps just a tap of the toe two more awesome hold that boat then from here slowly making your way down hands behind your head were going to start with our double leg stretch inhale extend exhale bring the knees in just be very careful that your lower back stays grounded do not arch your back keep going push away lets take our happy baby pose flex your feet reach for the anckles or the toes simply pull those knees to the florr hip opening stretch you can rock it if that feels good point toes this time making a diamond shape curl and crunch it up extend and bring arms right to the side of your body 6 10 more awesome come back to centre hands behind your head starting with baby pulses and hold extend the legs take a second for a breather slowly do not roll yourself lift that bottom foot if the floor hold positing feeling that state of peace slowly let of of your hands straight single leg switches let go of that leg were going to repeat the same exerf last ione hold that posiiton single leg switches take a second and breathe going to get ready and roll over to our belliws the next move we’re gone to do hold it keep breathibf one more deep breath in releasing the leg lets witch on the there left leg right arm you can keep your forehead down whatever feels better for your lets go back to first move over to your pulases pilates push ups when your ready that kwftaem 8 more keep pulsing it ‘awesome hp;d tuck back toes lifting it not one legged dog feeing that nice stretch through the this tim coming int plank simply touch your chest and pulse beautiful hold that position for me coming BACK TO LUNGE find your centre and balance stepping down to plank shoulders overage weirts inhale and exhale seated lotus posturee 8 more beautiful point your toes extend your leg keep leg up you got 8 more

100 thoughts on “Yoga Workout Challenge 2017 ♥ Better Than The Gym

  1. This was a good workout..hard…for me since I have been off yoga for a couple of weeks…
    Thank you! Just thought I would check and see if you are on the same schedule between OK and NM.

  2. You guys are awesome, Thank you. I have done the video 6 days in a row now. I feel great, and starting to become more flexible too and have less low back pain.

  3. Another great workout I am 65 but feel 25 after your workouts. Going to Exuma tomorrow to practice on the beach. Tar Bay. Thanks Juliana

  4. I'm just getting back into yoga after a long time without it. Thank you for this video! I've practiced it twice so far, and my body feels good afterward. Looking forward to trying more of your yoga videos!

  5. OMG we started with this class in January and it would totally kick our butts.  After doing morning classes with you all year we went back to this class today and it was much easier.  Thanks for all you guys do and we look forward to seeing Mark in the videos offering easier variations at times. ; )

  6. Love your videos and looking forward to the challange 🙂 I was wondering if it's best to do the 2 videos a day one after the other or in two separate moments of the day. Any recommandation?

  7. Great Yoga with great energy with such beauty in awesome places ! For me as a former dancer, I finally found the perfect yoga training to get inspired ! Thanks a lot !!!

  8. I have been doing yoga for a while now on and off.It took some researching to find a at home or on the go yoga vids that gets me inspired and motivated. Boho beautiful is the only one I do now on youtube. Its really about the setting, the tone, person and boho beautiful has all and more to keep me focused and inspired. My poses are not as advanced as I like them to be but its all about time and training I Like that she reminds us  to be where we are and keep going. Thanks BB.

  9. Hello! I have a QUESTION: do I have to do both workouts (for days 2-10) at one time or I can do one in the morning and another in the evening?

  10. Mark just may be the luckiest man alive! I hope you enjoy every minute with her man. Much love and hapiness.

    Oh by the way, this workout kicks ass.

  11. I love this challenge!! but I got a cold and had to make a break for two days. Is it better to restart the whole challenge or can I just keep going?

  12. Thank you so much for these amazing videos, I am an Osteopath, Personal Trainer and Ex-athlete, I never liked yoga or considered doing it- but appreciated that some people found it beneficial. However, I became very stiff and tired this winter and discovered I really enjoy following your videos and have been doing them almost every day and I find it helps improve mobility. Suddenly I love yoga! You are very inspiring and calming even to a 'buzzy' person who cannot sit still and never thought they'd own yoga clothes and mats! Thanks again!

  13. I love this challenge, but I find that my arms keep giving away. I cannot hold myself up for too long. Do you have any tips for gaining upper body strength?

  14. Gosh, I love your classes. In the morning, even I'm barely awake or at night when I think I'm way to tired to even lift a finger. As soon as I start, it's always making me feel better. <3 Thank you so much.

  15. I'd like to share a hack available online for the trending yoga tips. Just simply type: "MindYoga4U" in Google. This will definitely help you.

  16. Awesome video! Your challenges are perfect for a busy mommy who loves yoga and Pilates. You’ve helped me find my strength again and am falling back in love with my body. Thank you!

  17. Who makes your yoga pants? They are amazing!! (I tried to find this in the comments –  I apologize if I missed it!) I feel like I want to ask this every video…

  18. thank you sooo much for your amazing channel! you are helping me so well in the journey to better myself every day. even happier to learn you're canadian! lol. if you're ever in manitoba i'd love to shoot a video with you!

  19. to get best results from yoga you need to do it with perfection and perfect posture to learn yoga in the most perfect way click this link

  20. As a former competitive gymnast (I am 45 now and participated in gymnastics from age 3-18) who now regularly runs, spins, lifts weights, and does yoga and pilates, I am infinitely impressed and grateful for all the workouts your provide here on your You-Tube channel. Thank you from New York. I am not sure if you have explored and don't know if there would be permits involved but filming in the Hamptons or the North Fork (the south east and north eastern most points of Long Island) and/or Fire Island (a barrier beach across from Long Island) would be ideal locations in the summer for filming.

  21. Julianna, you are wonderful! I am inspired by you🤗 I'm honored to follow and practice all your videos. ❤️ from Romania!

  22. Hello Juliana and Mark, I am new to your channel and simply love every single workout, yoga session I do with you. Looking at the perfection of Juliana and the always amazing background and filming is simply the best experience I have ever had in my fitness life. It is like exercising and meditating at the same time.

    Please continue to bless us with your journey, sharing your adventures and healthy lifestyle is really motivating. You are both extremely talented at what you are doing…I am so grateful to you both.



  23. It's not about calories burnt, it's about how my body changes, more tight, lean and tone. Thanks for all the workouts! Challenging but I worked it all. Best workout for my body.

  24. master yoda, teacher, soul sistah! feeling so connected to you! u are talking to me telepathicaly heheheheh <3 love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  25. Hey 🙂 … today is day 9, and since yesterday my knees hurt.. any advice? I really like your challenges and want to keep going.. but I am scared my knees will get worse.. :/ would be really great if you could answer. Best wishes <3

  26. Omg I usually hate workouts but I absolutely loved this! It pushed me to my limit but I was still able to complete it without giving up halfway through!! I felt such a burnnnnnnn thanks boho beautiful you honestly inspire me so much your videos are incredible I’ve been doing them everyday for months now and I feel incredible already

  27. Very good yoga workout. Another beautiful video thanks so much. I’ll try to watch more videos soon. All the best and happy new year. Rod

  28. Hi there, I have been doing many of you chanlenge videos and yoga practice for already one year and I love them. Now I just found out I am pregnant and I was wondering if you could make a video for prengnant women like me.

  29. Hi Julia and Mark I want my body to be smaller healthy flexibility in my life want to be your best friend so can get know more about you

  30. Природа класс !!!И тренер тоже хороша !!Хочу с ней лично позаниматься в плотную !!!!!!!!!!!!😘😘😘😘

  31. Ok OMG i'm loving this! I felt thinner and more toned all over within an hour after esp in my thighs!!!! Dont know if i can do 10 days in a row but i will work this in 10x next 2 weeks Thank you for your videos and the positive movement 💓 try this workout for instant results really is better than killing yourself at the gym

  32. I started with the Pilates 21 Day challenge. Due to my job I couldn't completely adhere to the diet plan but I did do the recommended work outs and after about two weeks I could already see results. I also started the meditation videos which really help me to channel my inner queen and to relax me after a stressful day! Now I'm one week into this Yoga challenge and loving it. Results are getting even better and I feel stronger inside and out every day. It's amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it and the work out is perfect even with my demanding job. Because I can fit those 25 mins anywhere in the day!!!!!! Thank you so much!

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  35. Thank you so muuch. I love your class and your voice is awesome. I watch your video everyday and do exercise with u which helps me to have an active, happy lifestyle.

  36. 🌞 What a great challenge. I am doing the 21 day challenge and I completed day 15. My momentum is becoming better with the first video but this one has helped me to actualize my potential. 💌Thank you.

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