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Fire The element of passion love strength and the willpower for the continued evolution of your soul Moving you to fight for all that you believe it This element is within us all and Once we learn how to control it how to find it and how to use it with the right intention It can set us on a path of true evolution and self growth Today’s yoga practice is going to be all about awakening that fire and passion within you This class is going to be focused on raising your body heat through a couple a body breathing But also pushing you through challenging asanas and movement in order to fire up and burn away Anything and everything that no longer serves you physically mentally and spiritually So if you’re ready to awaken that fire within grab your mat and join me Today’s video is sponsored by audible listening to audiobooks is one of our self-care rituals that not only Inspires and motivates us but also gives us an opportunity to deepen our knowledge Being able to listen to insightful books like the Bhagavad Gita translated by Jack Haley Has been one of the ways we include audiobooks into our everyday life Audible has the largest selection of audiobooks on the planet and today you can get your first audiobook for free Along with two selected audible original titles when you start your 30-day trial visit slash boho Or text boho to five hundred five hundred to get started With that set if you’re ready to begin our yoga class grab your mat and let’s begin Alright friends, so to begin our practice today, we’re going to heat up the body with couple Abbate breath Which is a pranayama exercise to heat up your entire system. So we’re gonna start on our knees You’re going to take an inhale through your nose You’re going to rapidly exhale through your mouth pulling your navel to the spine. Inhale. Exhale. One two three four five six seven eight nine Ten keep going exhale exhale exhale exhale exhale exhale last few times and You’re done great job, let’s do one more round inhale into your nose exhale Through your mouth one, two, three, four, five six, seven eight nine ten ten nine eight seven six five four three two one Great job Wonderful take another inhale as you come on up to your mouth and let’s step forward to the very front of your mat We’re going to begin with our Surya Namaskar be a Sun Salutation to warm up the entire body. So let’s go on your inhalation You’re going to reach both arms up to the sky sit into your chair reach the arms Exhale you’re gonna release into your forward fold inhale halfway lengthen exhale Step or hop back into a plank position chaturanga to the floor inhale as you open into your upward facing dog and Exhale pushing yourself back into your downward facing dog Great job from here stepping your left foot forward. Inhale reaching both arms up to the sky warrior one Just take a deep breath in exhale dive it down step back. Chaturanga. Dandasana Inhale opening into your upward facing dog exhale Downward facing dog other leg inhale step your right foot forward Opening and reaching both arms up to the sky warrior one Alms together or you can keep them apart if you need to Release the hands step back into plank chaturanga upward facing dog and Exhale release yourself back into your downward facing dog beautiful job take another inhale and Exhale just allow yourself to go a little bit deeper into this downward facing dog Breathing in allowing that sternum to fall towards the mat And then once you ready bend your knees hop forward to the front of your mat inhale halfway exhale forward fold inhale coming up into that chair position Bukit asana, hold it here and Then on your exhalation extending your knees and bring your hands together to your heart on your next inhalation Just reach both arms up towards the sky Bending the elbows release yourself down into that forward fold halfway lengthen exhale hop or step back and go ahead and give me four push ups four four and three and two Stay straight last one and opening into that upward facing dog and Then exhale downward facing dog spreading those feet apart Allowing the heels to sink down to the floor one more inhale And on your exhalation round yourself forward into a high plank position We’re going to go ahead and do our couple about t breath what we did in the beginning Inhale exhale one two, three, four, five six seven through your mouth nine ten Keep going ten nine pulling that belly to the spine Nice rapid breaths raising that temperature in the body and then releasing yourself back into that downward dog. Great job inhale exhale Slowly come back into plank one more time inhale exhale Couple a bottie breath go one two, three, four, five six, seven eight nine ten exhale through your mouth Keep going Stay in that plank position and releasing into that chaturanga opening into your upward facing dog, really open up that chest and the heart and Exhale downward facing dog release at this time reaching your left leg up to the sky three-legged dog bending the knee on your exhalation You’re gonna round yourself forward into that plank position and then touching your opposite elbow with the knee for one each elbow is being touched by the knee keep going touch and touch staying that plank position and Touch working the abdominals here working the obliques Continuing to raise that heat in the body. Keep going touch touch touch touch you’re almost done and releasing into that three-legged dog inhale exhale This time stepping forward between your two hands with your front foot Back heel is lifted, and then press the back heel to the mat Heart ruling the arms and opening into our warrior two posture drop the shoulders away from the ears Pulling the navel into the spine nice strong warrior here. Just breathing finding that Center connecting with the breath here really setting that intention to find that fire within deep breath in exhale Go a little deeper into that warrior two if you can another inhale Lower body stay exactly as it is You’re gonna reach the back round forward and around four one reach it forward and around for two with the breath inhale exhale Inhale Xcl very nice drop those shoulders away from the ears and just simply pump them back one two, three, four, five six seven eight Keep going squeezing. Those shoulder blades each time the arms go back keeping the core nice and strong and last three two One great job opening the front palm and releasing yourself into that peaceful warrior Releasing your body as far as you can really feeling that lengthening along the side of the body Breathing deeply I know that quad muscle is starting to feel it but I just want you to really focus on the breath with each exhalation letting go of that fire that Negative energy that no longer serves you Beautiful slowly release it forward extending the front knee both knees are straight Now you’re gonna open the palms reach forward and then releasing and you’re tricking Austen on your triangle posture Really focusing on opening the shoulders here. You want to stack one shoulder over the other? Creating a beautiful line with your body Again, creating lots of space in the side body here. So breathing deeply into any tension. You may experience along that area of your body Setting an intention to welcome oxygen Great job from here. Come on up to Center Arms out you’re gonna flex the front foot and turn it inward Deep breath in feet slightly turned towards each other and then on your exhalation taking your wide legged forward fold Go ahead and grab your ankles if you’re able to and then just begin to release that forehead all the way down to the floor lengthening through the spine folding from the hips Always remember you can make this easier by opening the feet wider You can make this more challenging by bringing your feet a little bit closer. So Truly make this posture to fit your own needs Deep breath in with each exhalation let your body surrender and go deeper into this posture Inhale let it go exhale Beautiful job slowly from your hands to the center Lift your body up and then walk your feet slightly inward You’re gonna open the toes away from the body bend the knees and opening into what we call our goddess pose So you’re gonna reach both arms up towards the sky really opening those arms your hips your knees away from the body just Breathe get as low as you can Finding that Center now extending the knees on your exhalation coming down for one So we call this a goddess squats you’re coming down for two. You can also call this a sumo squat and three working the lower body here and four extend xcl five and Six reach and seven Last one come on down one more round of couple about to breath Let’s raise the heat, two three, four, five six, seven eight nine Keep going exhale through your mouth eight. Seven six five four three two one Come down a little lower and then extending the legs Releasing the arms and opening your feet now to the other side of the mat So your front foot is facing the back of your mat release and come on down into that trikanasana So we’re taking our postures and reversed order here now breathing into this triangle pose Same thing like the other side really focusing on stacking your shoulders looking up towards that top arm if you can Breathing into the side body Creating lots of space in that area of the body Inhale exhale Just another inhale just allow your heart rate to slow down a little bit here Exhale come on up at this time bending the front knee warrior two releasing into that peaceful warrior It’s a no welcoming space welcoming oxygen into the other side of the body Reaching as far back as possible while maintaining the warrior two stance and the legs Inhale Exhale wonderful one more time inhale Exhale Boss enough slowly round and forward and then releasing the arms to the side coming down to that warrior two With each exhalation go a little bit deeper into that warrior two really feeling that fire in the front quad here Take a deep breath Dean from here. We’re going to circle that back arm forward and around for a one inhale exhale nice strong body four to reach and three reach Warrior two four go a little deeper and then squeezing the shoulder blades together four one two, three, four, five six seven eight nine Ten. Keep going keep those arms nice and strong get low into that warrior two and three two one beautiful stay there and then extending the front knee flex your foot and This time we’re just gonna turn and face the front of your mat stepping to the very front of your mat On your next inhalation. Let’s reach both arms up to the sky. Exhale dive yourself forward Inhale halfway lengthen exhale step or hop right back into plank or chaturanga? inhale opening into the upward facing dog and Exhale downward facing dog at this time. The right leg is gonna reach all the way up to the sky three-legged dog bending the knee on your Exhalation come into that plank position touching the opposite elbow with the knee go for one, two three Or working the core muscles six Seven eight nine ten try to get physical contact with the knee and the elbow each time you bring it forward Last three two one great job. Step it back plank position chaturanga inhale opening into that upward facing dog again and exhale push yourself back Downward-facing dog take a breather Inhale into the nose Exhale all the air out. Just let yourself go a little more Once you’re ready rounding forward into that plank position and then come on down to your elbows We’re gonna take a couple about two breathing one more time here in your elbow plank So inhale through your nose on your exhalation through your mouth rapidly for a one two three four five six seven eight nine ten exhale nine eight seven six five four three two one awesome lift your hips up to the sky exhale dolphin four one lift exhale dolphin four to lift exhale three Strengthening the core and the shoulders here four four reach exhale five Reach exhale six reach and seven and Eight two more nine last one hold that plank Breathe, come on up to your hands now staying in that high plank inhale And then as you exhale chaturanga dandasan up to the floor Inhale open the heart up to the sky upward dog exhale downward facing dog inhale again exhale round through into that plank position Giving me tricep push-ups for a one bring it down and – feel free to come down to your knees if you need to last one and lifting up into that upward facing dog and exhale downward facing dog Spreading those fingers wide bending the knees and then hopping forward between your two hands coming into our navasana Our boat posture here. Feel free to bend the knees or if you’re more advanced. You can go ahead and straighten those legs just Finding that Center drop the shoulders away from the ears along getting the neck engaging through our powerhouse our core Staying here in one beautiful pose no movement. Just the breath and your body Engaging through the core inhale and Exhale stay there. We’re almost done Beautiful job one more inhale on your exhale roll yourself back and then come up into your navasana again bring it back and up to boat for two feel free to hold on to your knees if you have two and three now Last one you’re gonna roll all the way back and just support your hips with your hands here Stay there, or if you’re comfortable go ahead and come all the way up into your shoulder stand Staying here and our settling Gus and a posture Lifting up as high as you can creating that nice beautiful line with your body Good just breathing deeply Supporting your lumbar spine with your hands Wonderful now from here we’re going to transition into our halasana art flower position So releasing one foot at a time tuck your toes underneath Took you to support your back or interlace the fingers and extend those elbows if your arms are extended try to keep the palms together They’re just holding this plow position feeling that sensation through the spine, this is a wonderful stretch for your back Don’t forget to breathe just stay here Another inhale on your exhalation coming up into our sarvangasana again Shoulderstand supporting your back staying here or taking the next variation by coming into a lotus pose with your feet if You’re not comfortable with this just stay in your shoulder stand you do not have to take this variation Good just stay there wreathing deeply Now if you’re in your shoulder stand you can slowly begin to release back into the plow position if You are in this Lotus posture. We’re gonna take it up one more notch So what you’re gonna do is begin to fold from the hips allowing the knees to release towards the chest Some of you may just want to hang out here Others that are more advanced now bring your arms around the legs and hook your fingers together This is quite an advanced posture. So just do this to your own comfort level Those are you guys that are not alowed us just stay in your plow position Whichever version you’re taking you’re getting amazing benefits here. So don’t worry where you are Just breathe and enjoy Beautiful another inhale Just find your focus Your aim your Lotus release the hands Whichever posture you are begin to release the spine all the way down And then releasing the legs and extending the legs all the way out into our final asana shavasana Opening the palms of your hands up to the sky At this time, I’d like you to close your eyes And bring all of your awareness Internally Begin to feel what is happening within your body Feeling your heart slowly slowing down Feel that energy your prana Pulsing through the entire nervous system your lifeforce Feeling each cell of your body Let it go at this time Welcome full relaxation into your body We built up a lot of heat through our nervous system today through our physical body, so at this time let’s cool down Let’s breathe. Let’s relax Shavasana is a very important part of your practice and it’s really important that we try not to skip it This is a moment that your body gets to settle right now We get to really feel all the benefits of each posture that we did today Taking this moment right now to slow everything down including your breath including your thoughts Just let it all go and simply surrender yourself to the floor Mother earth just completely let go With each exhalation visualize your body melting away Melting in the heat that you’ve created within you Letting go all the negative all that no longer serves you With each inhalation Welcoming pure positive energy into your body into your bee Inhale And exhale Now let’s slowly begin to bring awareness back to the body Just gently begin to wiggle your fingers and toes and then reach the arms above your head and give yourself a big stretch Rolling yourself over to one side and Then coming up into your seated position on your mat Coming into your easy pose cross your ankles in front of you resting your hands on the knees Let’s take an inhale and reach both arms up to the sky Gather all that positive energy and bring it down to your heart and one more time big breath Open and reach up to the sky on your exhalation bringing that positive energy down towards you bowing towards yourself Thanking yourself for taking this opportunity to connect the wonderful element of fire Sending you love and light Namaste, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day Thanks so much for watching If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more yoga videos like this And of course follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook Thanks again, and we’ll see you soon

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