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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys welcome to beautiful Poltava, Ukarine I have an amazing yoga sequence for you today that going to focus on toning and strengthening your legs this is a greta yoga sequence to add on with any of my other videos such as the ab videos or the upper body videos so if you’re ready your going to need some water and lets do this alright guys so were going to begin in downward dog tuck your back toes under and lift take a moment to breath in walk out your dog if that feels comfortable for you inhale exhale rounding through into your high plank position and then push back to downward dog round through into your high plank come back to downwward dog hold come back one more time rousing through holding the plank then taking our chaturanga upward dog exhale downward facing dog look forward step or hop top of the mat standing forward fold releasing the head to your knees take a moment again to walk it out take your peace fingers and grab big toes see if you can bring your head a bit closer add movement to your head and neck looking to each side then releasing the hands rounding through to tanding inhale reaching the arms up exhale dive it all the way down inhale half way exhale bending the knees sitting into chair squat come down nice and low reach and down hold here breathe imagine like you have a chair under you adding a pulse 5678 awesome guys hold palms together lets take a twisted chair left elbow reaches for the right knee taking the left foot off the floor see if you can step back high twisted lunge keeping your gaze down untwist your body reach the arms to the sky extend the front knee both knees bend back knee hovers above the floor literally comes down about an inch keep going and down hold it here hovering the knee above the ground and pulse hold it here release the back knee low lunge reach both arms up allow your hips to sink forward knee over ankle up to high lunge shifting weight to front foot standing split keep the hips square hold on to the floor or block get forehead down to the knee releasing both feet together slowly rounding uo inhale reach arms up exhale dove it down take a full flow other side now looking forward step or hop forward and reach the arms up chair squat lets hold it here nice and low with those hips and pulse awesome guys palms together right elbow to the left knee twisting from the belly buttom step the right foot to the very back of the mat twisted high lunge wonderful untwist your body reach the arms up to the sky high lunge and then bend both knees extend the from knee and bending both knees down for one right knee hovers above the floor awesome you’re almost there hold and pulse and 15 release the back knee to low lunge reach the arms up let the hips sink forward open the chest out tuck your back toes lift your back knee of the floor all of the weight comes to the first foot reach the right leg up keep the hips square release the leg down standing forward fold round all the way up inhale arms up take t a flow hold the downward dog position right leg up step forward top of the mat find your balance arms up shifting your weight over to the right leg warrior 3 hips are allighned take your left knee to bellybutton push the left foot away and then back to belly button bend the bottom knee to help you find the balance hold the worrior 3 add a little pulse pulse from theglite muscle bring it up to belly buttom flex the foot extend and lower standing bicycle get the knee nice and high take the standing pigeon and releasing down release the hands to the mat palms together knee up hands come to hips slowly open the knee to the side keep the knee up as high as you can and pulse it come back to center find your balance push back into that warrior 3 stepping back to high lunge step back to one legged dog take chaturanga upward dog downward dog other leg step left foot top of the mat arms up holding here sinking down into that high lunge warrior 3 find your balance right knee up holding the warrior 3 bend that button knee lets pulse right leg using the glute bicycle with that right leg then opening reaching the arms up lets take our standing pigeon hold find your balance reach up opening the right knee tot he side and hold lengthen through lets add a pulse warrior 3 stepping back into high lunge arms up chaturanga updog donward dog lets this heels sink into the floor lets take our puppy pose reach the fingers top of the mat hips over the knees coming into childs pose take this time to catch your breath slow down that heart rate coming all the way up coming into your seated position lets take a deep breath in reach the arms up exhale down to the heart awesomejob guys thank you so much for joining me on this wonderful yoga practice hope to see you again namaste

100 thoughts on “Yoga Workout For Lower Body ♥ Best Toning & Strengthening for Legs

  1. your videos are CHANGING my life!! did this today right after my run. The pigeon thing was tough but all in all a great addition to my workout 🙂

  2. best for legs!

  3. dear Bohos,
    thank you for all the joy you bring into my life !
    This workout is very useful to me, BUT please turn the volume of the music DOWN, I hardly can understand anything, your voice is far behind the music.
    And i feel a little nervous with this music, ….can`t concentrate to my workout… So if you could change this maybe..??? hello from Zurich

  4. Thank you so much for bringing all positivity, love and effectiveness to yoga tutorials! I have benefited from every single one and appreciate your way of teaching yoga, as it represents every aspect on how I feel yoga should be. I hope you continue to teach us the benefits of doing yoga not just as exercise, but as a way of life. I hope it will always be the best part of my day! I am so glad I finally found a yoga instructor who represents the way that yoga should be. Namaste 🙂

  5. To go back to Ukraine, my home country and Mark's country of family origin and shoot videos to share with you guys was a dream come true. Glad you guys like them, and thank you for being here with us!
    If you would like to support us please check out our online store:
    And don't forget to follow us on social media: &

    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  6. Wonderful workout, my legs are burning 🙂 I'm very wobbly at the moment, throughout warrior three I was holding onto my wardrobe haha. I will be doing your suggested 3 times a week. Thank you x

  7. I love your videos !! This one killed me today lol, im addicted 🙂 ive been working out to one one of your videos every day now . 💕

  8. Great sequences. Really enjoyed it. Made me sweat, however, the music is a bit loud over your voice..I also wish there was better inhale/exhale instruction, because that is what yoga is about…connecting the body's movement to the breath.

  9. so i need advice 🙂 i want to tone up but i have a nervous system issue right now and need a light version to start off with. any of your videos lighter workouts?

  10. this was an incredible work out! Thank you so much! Just finished doing it and my legs feel like jelly… but in a good way 😉 love it thank you x

  11. Boho  Beautiful, I am in love with this channel! This video was awesome! I definitely feel it in my legs and butt! It's exactly what I was looking for. :). Thank you so much Beautiful girl! 😉

  12. you beautiful divine, this video is perfect for my hip that I fracture two years ago. Now I do your yoga vedios and my legs getting better than ever. I finally can walk with out my walking stick. haleluya!

  13. I love your short workouts… you can do a couple and feel great or just one and some cardio or get one in before bed time! Makes it so much easier to practice!

  14. I have been following you for a while now- your videos are great. You remind me of my twin daughters who look just like you!

  15. Standing bicycle, that's really wow!! I find, the nature forgot to move with that move.. Nothing to say about standing pigeon pose and side baby pulses… I guess, the earth too has forgotten to apply gravitation on Juliana!!! Awesome music, Mark!!!!

  16. I practice yoga by your videos + eat vegan food only for 3 weeks already and it feels soooo good! Thank you so much for relaxing&powerful workouts and amazing views!!! You are so beautiful and inspiring! With love from Russia♥️

  17. I would love this work but the music was making me nuts!! Had to turn it off 🙁 Please more silent vids to enoucourage inward focus and meditation in movement.

  18. Oh my gosh that's crazy. I'm sort of new to the channel but I didn't realize you were Ukrainian! You probably wouldn't guess by my picture but I'm actually an American who lives and works in Ukraine. Slava Ukraina!

  19. I'm so glad these are short but intense. There are a lot of videos that are long but I don't feel the burn, or it's not a readying warm-up until 20 minutes in.

  20. This video was really fun!! Loved it. Thank you 🙂 Is it okay to do pilates daily or better to do it every other day?

  21. This was not for yoga beginners ahah if you can, add some more spots to focus the breathing that works muscles but also doesnt feel like cardio, it was too fast for me

  22. She thinks that the challenge is the 3 legged chaturanga!! heheh I was falling in every standing one-leg posture, and then her comment abount 3 legged downward-dog being a challenge comes! it made me laugh!! I don`t have a lot of balance on my right leg, so my work-out gets quite different from one side to the other… I guess I should work on my balance before doing this video.

  23. Hey , is it possible to do leg workouts that are exclusively on a mat or at least exercises that dont include any bending of knees. While your workouts are short but very effective I can't do some of the exercises because of the knee problem ( squats is also out of my do list 🙂 I am sure many people with knee problems will appreciate the workouts 🙂

  24. I hope that you see and reply my comments so i know you see it.but all I say it I love this..and views .much more like studio..😍..i already download it.and your another vedio.

  25. Несколько раз перемотала,подумала,что «Да» мне послышалось😅Не знала ,что Вы из Украины,давно занимаюсь по Вашим видео,очень нравится!Спасибо!!!❤️❤️❤️

  26. This was a great, challenging flow. Nice quick burn and sweat. 🙂 ❤️ Only downsize was the music being loud/strident – it was quite distracting. :-

  27. The routines are so amazing but it's almost always far too fast and I feel so rushed 🙁 Please make some slower videos that give space to breath deeply and not feel rushed

  28. Привет из Киева) очень рада ,что нашла ваши видео ,вы невероятная ,
    Спасибо Вам большое ,каждое утро теперь только с вами🙏🏻и даже две мои девочки -доченьки пробуют за вами повторить))
    Море добра и света Вам 🤗

  29. Great workout. Sweating my butt off. Only critique is the annoying music. Great scenery great workout, beautifu woman

  30. so this doesn't bulk up your legs right? Will it slim it down and give strength at the same time? Does this also make your legs more flexible?

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