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What’s up, guys? Sean Nalewanyj, and it’s
been awhile since I’ve done a supplement review, and this a compound that I get asked
about quite often so I wanted to do a video today talking about Yohimbine, which has a
few different uses but it’s most commonly used as a fatloss supplement. So what is Yohimbine? What does it do? Does it actually work? And what’s the proper dosage? So, Yohimbine is a compound that comes from
the bark of the yohimbe tree which is found in Africa and to keep it simple it works by
increasing the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline and those bind the fat cells in order to mobilize
the fat. And the one of the other big supposed benefits
of Yohimbine, which hasn’t been proven, is that it helps to specifically targets stubborn
fat areas which would be the lower ab area in men as well as the oblique area and the
hips and thighs in women. And the reason for that is that fat cells
have two types of receptors which are the alpha receptors and the beta receptors, and
stubborn fat areas have higher concentrations of alpha receptors. And those are the ones that Yohimbine specifically
works on. And on top of its direct fat burning facts
Yohimbine can also help to suppress your appetite and if you’re using it pre workout then
it can help to increase your overall energy levels as well. Now, does Yohimbine actually work? The short answer is that it probably does
help with fatloss a bit but only to a small degree. I’d say within the scope of whats available
in terms of fatloss supplements it’s definitely one of the more effective compounds out there
but just like with any supplement, even though with one that technically do work, they aren’t
going to perform any miracles and they’re just going to be there to give you a small
extra boost. Yohimbine does have a decent amount of research
behind it. Some of it looks pretty good on paper but
a lot of the studies do have certain limitations that make it hard to figure out if the subjects
were actually losing bodyfat or just water weight. Because Yohimbine is actually dieuretic as
well and so it can be hard to determine exactly of how much of each is being loss. I’m not going to go into the details of
the studies here because I want to keep this video concise and not too technical but I’ll
put some links in the description box if you do want to check that out. But the bottom line is that Yohimbine probably
does have some fat burning effects but they will be fairly small. You’ll probably see a small increase in
your overall metabolic rate, a small increase in energy and a small decrease in appetite. So if you’re someone who’s trying to diet
down to a fairly lean level and you want to fully maximize your results and you’re open
to supplementation, you have the money to spend then it could be worth a try in certain
context. Now that said, this does come with a very
important warning and it’s the main reason why I don’t actively recommend Yohimbine
to people and why I’m really careful about what I say about it. And that is that for a certain percentage
of people it can have a pretty serious side effects, specifically in people who are prone
to anxiety or panic attack, especially if it’s being combined with other stimulants
like caffeine. Yohimbine is highly stimulatory, it increases
your heart rate, it increases your blood pressure and it essentially rams up your body’s fighter
fight response. So if you identify as being someone with any
sorts of issues with anxiety in general I would recommend that you just stay away from
Yohimbine altogether because it can really easily trigger additional anxiety and make
it worse. And for the modest fat burning effect that
you might get, it’s really just not going to be worth it. And besides generalize anxiety people with
bipolar disorder also want to completely stay away from it because it can have some pretty
serious effects there. Or if you’re using any kind of neurological
medication you’ll also want to be really careful there too because there’s a lot
of interactions that can take place there. So I just stayed away from it in that case
or at the very least make sure to do your research and talk to your doctor as well. Now, if you don’t have any anxiety issues
and you tolerate stimulants just fine then Yohimbine could be a supplement to experiment
with. But I’d only recommend bothering with it
if you’re already fairly lean and you’re just trying to lose that last bit of stubborn
fat. And that’s because number one: if your just
starting out on your fatloss phase or if you’re midway through it and you still have a decent
amount of fat to lose, fat mobilization isn’t going to be a problem for you at that point
and you’ll be able to lose fat just fine with a standard cutting diet and training
plan without using any fatloss supplement at all. And number two: I wouldn’t recommend using
Yohimbine for an extended period of time just to be one the safe side because you’ll probably
developed tolerance to it pretty quickly. The effects on noradrenaline are almost completely
lost even after as short as two weeks and so I would say to just use it on an as needed
basis for a short time toward the end of your cutting phase if you’re trying to get particularly
lean for a certain event or maybe if you’ve hit around twelve percent bodyfat and you
just want a little push to help you get slightly lower. And if you are going to use it for a longer
period of time then you’ll definitely want to make sure you cycle it. Now, in terms of Yohimbine dosage the standard
recommended amount is 0.2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. So assuming you are only using it once you’ve
gotten fairly lean then the dosage is going to range anywhere from about 5 milligrams
for a smaller female up to about fifteen milligrams or slightly higher for a male. But make sure to start out low to assess your
tolerance first and then gradually increased from there rather than just taking the full
dose all at once because you want to know how it affects you first before you increase. And also make sure to take it on an empty
stomach because insulin almost completely erases the effects of Yohimbine so you’ll
ideally want to use it in a fasted state if you can. And one final point to be aware of when it
comes to Yohimbine is the controversy about the actual potency of the Yohimbine supplements
that are available. There’s a study done on this, which I’ll
link in the description box, it looked at forty nine different Yohimbine supplements
and it found that only two brands actually met the label claim and that in total the
actual amounts range from as low as about twenty percent up to a hundred and fifty percent
of what was listed. So in some cases the dosage would be so low
that it wouldn’t provide any benefit and in some cases the dosage would be high enough
that you might end up with side effects even if you think you’re taking the proper amount,
so just another reason to be cautious and to do your research first before you start
using a Yohimbine supplement. But bottom line on Yohimbine if you’re toward
the end of a cutting phase and you’re looking for a few percent of extra results to help
you lean down further then Yohimbine might assist you. But the effects are going to be modest either
way and there’s still no guarantee that it will work because the research is still
inconclusive on just how effective it is. But only use it if you tolerate stimulants
well and you have no issues with anxiety and use it cautiously by starting out on a lower
dose and gradually increasing and only by using it short term or by cycling it. So I hope you guys found this advice helpful. If you appreciate the no B.S. science based
approach to fitness and you want to get all the tools you need to gain muscle and lose
fat as effectively as possible, the workouts, the meal plans, the supplement guides along
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if you aren’t already. Thanks again for watching, guys. I’ll see you in the next video.

71 thoughts on “Yohimbine Review: Effective Fat Burner Or Waste Of Cash?

  1. All supplements are a rip off, especially Yohimbine . If you really want an edge maybe creatine would be good but not necessary at all. They are unnecessary for optimal gains.

  2. You forgot to mention it can give you a heart attack.. I know a guy it happened to. Google yohimbe heart attack. I can't believe they sell that shit

  3. Well done Sean! 100k Yess! πŸ˜€

    Best Fat loss supplements: Omega 3 (a lot) – caffeine – yohimbine HCL.
    I tried Yohimbine HCL. It is one of the most potent fat-loss tools. It really works, you'll have more energy, sweat more, and you'll feel more tingling in your stubborn fat areas while doing cardio. Combine it with caffeine and you'll be good to go.
    If you're doing IF, works best. Have it 30 minutes with caffeine before working out. Start with 16 hours fast for a week, then increase it to 20. You'll burn ALL KIIIIND of stubborn fat.
    Thank me later πŸ˜€

  4. Consistent quality Sean! Well deserved 100k πŸ™‚

    Give him likes people! It'll help him get that no BS knowledge out there!

  5. thanks for the video. was a little excited at first about this supplement, but that changed when you mentioned anxiety. I wouldn't need it anyway sense I still have a decent amount of fat to cut.

  6. could you do a best supplements vid? or most effective supplements vid? every supplement claims its the best but I've trusted your vids and views for years and they've never steered me wrong.

  7. Hi sean,red in the test on your site that eating small portins 2,5-3 hours apart does not significant raises metabolic rate. Its the exact opposite i experience,i have max metabolic rate and leans out pretty easy eating small portins 2,5-3 hours apart instead of 4-5 hours between and some larger portins,its like day and night for me,really!

  8. DO NOT combine yohimbine with caffeine it will send your hear rate through the roof only take yohimbine by its self and rate your tolerance… I agree with him properly best to only use for about a month than come off

  9. Yohimbine makes me feel like I'm about to explode. It definitely has a noticeable effect. Nothing small about that boost at all.

  10. I'm skeptical of most all supps, but i was about to try yohimbe to see if it would help get the last 5 lbs off. thanks for the info Sean.

  11. I tried this ONCE…… I had 1 pill…… never again…. my heart was racing and afterwards I had a massive headache for 3 hours….

  12. I think it was the act of eating in the evening while watching TV or reading that made me get fat in the first place. I had some overweight I found Weight Loss Green Store Tea product Tea from Weight Loss Green Store Tea product . I got rid of my overweight .

  13. Great review! IMHO, legal supplements (except for protein) are garbage. Save your money for Clen. I'm waiting for my local FitShoppe to get some! πŸ™‚

  14. Im glad you brought up the neurological side of this supplement. Yohimbine unfortunately puts me on the verge of throwing up when training on it

  15. Sean Nalewanyj I've just been incorporating Clenbuterol with your No Fat Plan and Cutting Plan and just found out Clen is no good when diabetic. I was thinking of trying Yohimbine and now I won't won't bother. I've crashed my metabolism by cutting calories and carbs by too much, I did this before buying your Bluprint, I didn't know any better. I'm 6'4 and if I cut my calories to 1000 a day I still won't lose a single pound, I've tried it for a few days and even did two day fasts a week. My calories average 1700 now and my weight has stayed the same for two months. I only eat carbs on the days I train and on these days my calories are 2500. I am therefore continuing with Cytomel for the foreseeable future which I started yesterday and dropping the clenbuterol. I'm also going to cut my insulin down. Desperate times require desperate measures. There has been no point emailing you at the moment because I'm not where I wanted to be at the start of your 12 week program. I'm guessing the 12 weeks of personal email consultation starts from the first email and not from the date I bought your Blueprint.

  16. Yohimbine can prolly take you from 9% to 6 % BF (assuming diet and training are already in place). If you aren't below 10% don't bother, you'll just end up wasting your money

  17. Primaforce is good i would suggest using one or two depending on who you are and but i have lost weight taking this lol i have only used it for a month, ill probably stop soon

  18. i just took the arez titan it made me feel like shit not sure if its the yohimbine the 350 mg of caffine or phenylethylamine.
    i want something with amazing fouse. I remember NO explode when it first came out about 10 years ago the focuse was unreal i wonder if its doe to some of the banned substances on it. Also lots of caffine makes me feel shitty i did take it on an empty stomach i fast every day. Nasty head ache not sure what it was from tho. If you have had similar sides with yohimbine let me know please. I will start experimenting so i just make my own pre workouts.

  19. It works for me, the adrenaline release combination with prework out feels awesome and there noticeable differences it calms me down actually

  20. It gives amazing πŸ˜‰ effects on your sex drive! If you don’t mind walking around with erections at work, take it in the morning for energy.

  21. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Seannal on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/seannal-review/ Thanks, Tad.

  22. Yohimbine is brilliant stuff, short half life (30 mins after absorption it's at peak blood plasma levels, 1 hr to 1.5 hrs effectiveness goes. 3 hours it's completely eliminated.) But it works, blocks alpha 2 adrenergic receptors, by doing so along with fasting that's needed for it to work, it increases blood flow and thus catecholamines to stubborn fat area's. Stubborn fat cells have a much greater number of spare and lipolysis inhibiting alpha 2 receptors, you want your catecholamines to latch on to the fat mobilizing beta 2 receptors, and this allows just that (beta receptors are happy to release fatty acids). Pair it with weight training and sprinting/HIIT. Careful with dosages though, 0.2mg per kg I believe is the recommended (for me @ 175lbs that's 15mg or 6 x 2.5 capsules). DON'T CONFUSE YOHIMBE WITH YOHIMBINE, only use yohimbine which is the singled out alkaloid. Yohimbe however is the raw bark powdered down and with bad side effects. Don't take more than the recommended dosage, a tea spoon of the stuff (5000mg/5mg) kills. And do not mix it with ephedrine, also kills. I feel fine taking 15mg, but that or more can cause jitteryness, anxiety, even nausea in some.

  23. How do you do your research when only 2 out of 49 have the proper dosage? Supplement industry is a joke. Their main goal is to supplemenent their wallets with my hard earned cash. I wish there was a legit testing agency out there that regulated these criminals. Because I do believe in Yohimbine it’s takes that last little bit of fat right off my body, and fast. Thanks for the video

  24. i am using Rauwolscine (Ξ±-yohimbine) at the moment. It works very well. But it can absolutely make you anxious. I am person who has basically no anxiety. I also have a very high tolerance to coffee ( I can have 8 a day without much issue). But the first time I started using Rauwolscine it made me feel restless for weeks. I could not relax for about three weeks until I stopped using it.
    This time though, I am having very minimal issues. I have deduced that this is almost definitely down to two things. Number one I am actually doing cardio (I hit the heavy bad and on the treadmil almost everyday.) Number 2, I am having a lot more sex.
    I believe you need to balance out the effects of the stimulant by doing activities that reduce cortisol levels and make you feel relaxed. If you do not you are very likely to have issues even if you are not predisposed to anxiety.

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