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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We’ve got a controversial one here for you
today. The fact of the matter is this – I’m going
to make the statement right off the bat. You cannot build muscle over the age of 35
unless you are on TRT, which is Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or as some would call
it ‘hormone replacement therapy’. I know this to be the case. I know this because someone left a comment
on my video that said that was true. So we know it must be true. Now I’m going to put this comment up here
and I want to read it for you, and then we’re going to start breaking it down because you
guys obviously have to sense the sarcasm in my voice. This ain’t true, okay? Now, let’s put some context here. The guy’s name is going to be blurred out. I’m not looking to cause a personal attack
by me, or any of my viewers against this guy because everybody’s entitled to their opinion. But his sentiment is downright wrong. Jessie wanted to nominate him as “Professor
Dickweed”, or something like that. I don’t care. You can call him whatever you want, but I’m
not going to name him publicly. But I want to read what he said. “Jeff, I really like your videos and I’ve
watched them for, maybe, two years now. But there’s an elephant in the room, and that
elephant is that you are on HRT” – hormone replacement therapy. I want to make it clear. I have absolutely no problem with this. In fact, at 42 you have little choice but
to be on hormone replacement therapy if you want to be truly athletic. But the problem I have with it, as some would
have with this video, is it leads to false expectations in anyone over the age of 35,
especially. Unless someone is a genetic freak they will
not be able to get that swollen, veiny, bulging look. Don’t get me wrong. They’ll look pretty good, but not like this
wrestler” – because this was not what I talked about, a wrestler in a previous video,
“and certainly not like you. So do your fan base – especially the older
guys – a favor and admit that you are on HRT so you can maybe help people get their
doctors, and/or anti-aging clinic and get the supplements they need to stay healthy
and active into their 60s. What’s the harm? I mean, I know there’s a stigma to this stuff,
even when prescribed legally by a doctor. But maybe you can help dispel this a bit by
letting people know how to do these supplements responsibly, and legally. Either way, I wish you the best with your
company, and your channel. I truly am not trying to bust your balls,
but again, I do not think it’s fair for you to keep one of the integral parts of training
over 40 a secret any longer. Your body needs testosterone and growth hormone
to function properly and repair itself. Sure, diet and hard work are fine, but without
adequate tested GH, their results will be GREATLY DIMINISHED” – capitalized – “and
may even result in injury. So consider coming clean. I think it would be good for you, the sport,
and the public’s perception of you. All the best.” Now, that’s a mouthful right there. Right there is a bunch of horse shit. I’m going to tell you why. It doesn’t anger me because he’s personally
attacking me, or trying to call me out for something he feels that I’m using; my secret. What angers me is what it does to those that
were thinking about starting and were discouraged by what he just said because what he just
said, he just set the bar really, freaking low. 35? You can’t look good after 35? I’m guessing he’s 36 years old, but the fact
of the matter is, to think that any ‘bulgy, veiny’ look, whatever it is, is strictly responsible,
or requires hormone replacement therapy – because after the age of 35 you just can’t have that
– is setting the bar so low. It is doing such a disservice to anybody that
watches this channel, any other fitness channel on YouTube, anywhere they go for advice, and
encouragement on how to look better than they do right now. It’s really a quitter’s attitude and that’s
my problem with him. He’s a quitter. He is determined that because of his lack
of ability to commit to a cause, that means nobody else can do it unless they’re a genetic
freak, or they’re using something that they shouldn’t be using. That pisses me off, guys. It really, really gets under my skin. That’s the reason why I’m making this video. I had another video planned for today, but
this one had to be done. What I think the problem is, is that when
you think about where this comes from, it comes from an insecurity on your own inability
to achieve something. So what you do is, you go and try to bring
everybody down to you. Instead of trying to aspire to get to this
level –whatever that level is that you’re achieving – you try to bring everybody else
back to the pack. There’s another saying. They say there’s two ways to have the biggest
building in town. The first is, you can knock all the other
buildings down, so your building is the only one standing. That’s the first way you could do it, or you
know what you could do? You could build the biggest fucking building
in the neighborhood. Then you’ve got the biggest building. This guy has chosen to try to knock the other
buildings down. But don’t let him discourage you. And I don’t say that because I’m angry that
he’s potentially discouraging customers of ATHLEANX, from people from buying programs
that I recommend. Guys, I have 800 and some-odd free videos
here that you know I put my best, and greatest content here for you each, and every week. Multiple times a week. There are so many people that use our programs,
and there are so many people that don’t use our programs. All of them unified by the fact that they’re
getting results, and they’re out there actually doing the work, and they’re not looking to
start bringing into the equation, elements that make their ability to obtain those results
impossible. This guy has. So, for the record, if you want to talk about
me – I’ve mentioned on this channel many, many times before – for someone that struggled
in their life to put on size, to have any muscle – and I’m not a huge guy, guys. I’m 5’10”, 175lbs. To have somebody accuse you of using some
performance enhancing drug – and I’ll throw hormone replacement in that group – anything
performance enhancing, other than what you’re naturally doing every, single day – for
someone to accuse you of that is one of the most ridiculous feelings. I feel like “Holy crap!” I could not imagine anybody would have ever
said that to me, at one point in time. The fact of the matter is, even Jessie, our
own, beloved Jessie, who’s put on 12lbs is getting accusations thrown his way. Which, to me, is laughable that the guy is
juicing, or doing something else. I mean, it’s so crazy. But that’s what happens. As soon as you start to look better, then
people start making accusations. Now, in this case the guy has two check boxes. Over the age of 35, TRT for you to look good. You look better than me? TRT. It’s like you fit those two criteria? TRT. It’s beyond ridiculous. As I’ve said; I don’t drink. I never have. I don’t use drugs. I never have. I don’t use anything. The strongest thing I’ve probably used in
my life is Tylenol, or maybe an antibiotic. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I live a very, what some would say, a boring
life. But you know what? That boring life is what I like. I have a family, and my family prefers that
I live that life, and we have a good time with me living that life, believe it or not. It might not be the life for everybody, but
it’s what I choose to live. I have a very strict attention to my diet,
and what I eat, and my nutrition matters to me. I don’t eat cheat meals. I have my carrot cake once a year. As I’ve said to you before, the reason why
I don’t eat cheat meals is because I don’t feel like I’m cheating. I actually enjoy the foods I eat. It just so happens that I eat healthy foods. I can stay lean 365 days a year because I
love what I eat. The fact is, the foods I do eat are in line
with keeping me this way. They’re in line with keeping me lean because
I eat healthy foods all the time. I don’t feel tempted. Am I saying that is something that everyone
else has to do in order to look a certain way? No! I know people all the time – I know guys
that are older than me, they come to our live event, they send pictures in of what they’ve
been doing, following our programs, or not following our programs. They look better than me! I’m sure they drink. I’m sure they go out socially from time to
time. Surely, they eat carrot cake more than once
a year. You don’t have to do that to look good,
but that’s what I do. But to throw accusations that way, it’s sort
of more of a compliment and a boost to me, but it pisses me off because it’s what it
does to you. Again, this channel was meant to inspire you
about what is possible, and I will sit here, and I’m going to make this guy’s day a really
bad one because I’m going to tell him right now, to his face: 100%, everything that I
demonstrate on this channel is doable. 100%, everything that I stand in front of
you and demonstrate – my bulgy veins and all – is 100% doable with no TRT, with no
supplementation, with nothing but hard work, and a commitment to eating right. I know I just ruined your day. I just took away all of your excuses. Now what?! Now what? Well, I can tell you what. The rest of the guys, the guys that came here
with good intentions, the guys that are actually willing to work; you just became inspired,
and you should be inspired because you can achieve whatever it is you want. You’re going to have to prioritize. You’re going to have to work your ass off. All those things are never going to go away
and I would never bullshit you about that. Those elements will always have to be in place. There’s no way around that part, but if you’re
willing to commit to that, and you’re willing to bust your ass to really do what you need
to do then you have the ability to look far better than me. Far better than me because you’re willing
to put in the work. As far as the quitter goes; guys, like I said,
I can’t control the sentiment, but I will do this. I will offer him an olive branch to wrap this
all up. Dude, commit to your efforts. Instead of spending your time trying to figure
out every reason why you’re not looking as good as you should be, spend a little bit
more of that time focusing on actually trying to look better than you do right now. I promise you, you’re going to see improvements,
and I promise you, you’re going to be surprised about what you’re capable of doing when you
direct a lot of that energy, and focus toward something that’s going to help you in the
long run to build a bigger body, and to look better. I promise you. Guys, I had to make this video, like I said,
out of order. We have other videos scheduled here. I’m going to get back to those, but I think
this is an important message to get across to you. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a program
that puts it all out there, step by step – no TRT included, it’s not needed – the right
exercises, the right attitude, hard training, and good nutrition; that’s all over at If you’ve found the video helpful tell me
about other videos you want me to cover and I’ll do my best to do those for you in the
days, and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

100 thoughts on “You Can’t Build Muscle Over 35 Without TRT!

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  2. 42, only been working out for 2 years and I now have more muscle than I ever had in my 20s. It’s hard work but it’s still worth the time and effort in your 40s

  3. Im 38.. i dont even take protein shakes, creatine or anything. I get 220grams of protein a day 200 carbs and 140fat. And im building muscle at a rapid rate.

  4. As a 46 year old you had me a little worried with that title there. Thanks for the reassurance though. Now I can go on with my futile workouts and trying to gain muscle (sarcasm of course). You were a bit too nice though. Sad state of being when someone does something like and can't be accountable for their own shortcomings. Thanks for the content. Much appreciated as always. Cheers!

  5. It will be harder after 30 years of age as Test levels naturally start dropping for most men but to say you cant is stupid. It will just take a little longer. I'm 35 just had my Test lvl checked recently and was surprised to see it was at 1030. Time to 💪🏻

  6. If being this boring is what it takes to.get super fit then I'd rather not, why spend your whole life eating the same boring meals and working out and worrying about maybe eating a cheat meal, that is no life and in the end we die anyway

  7. Challenge accepted. I'll just work harder and smarter than before, because I'm not jumping on the HRT train. It's just another addiction. As Ogg Mandino said:

    It is another of Nature's Laws that only a habit can subdue another habit, and

    The only difference between those who have succeeded and those who have failed lies in the differences their habits: good habits are the keys to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked doors to failure. Therefore, the first law I will obey, and v which precedeth all others is:

    I will form good habits and become their slave.

    – Ogg Mandino, The Scroll Marked I, from The Greatest Salesman in the World

  8. Dude, I'm 37 years old and I know that I don't always the best diet but I do work out at least three to four times a week at the gym including MMA and krav maga. I'm pretty sure that if I did follow a better diet like @Athlean-X suggest in most of his videos, I'd look more ripped too! That doesn't require TRT or any other supplement or performance advance drugs it just requires you to ACTUALLY show up and do the work! My Krav instructor always says if you don't show you can't play but to accuse someone of taking drugs or steroids just because they look better than you, shows me that person is not only a Beta duche but has no self-confidence in themselves. I'm a big supporter of this channel and get EXCELLENT advice from Athlean-X with his workouts and diest plan and I can honestly recommend anybody to him. Anyway, love the channel, keep doing what you do and don't this type of negativity stop you brother.

  9. I still remember my 77 grandpa with veiny biceps doing pull ups on a door frame hanging by two finger. Those self made scientist are the cancer of internet, alongside SJWs, leftist and feminists.

  10. 47 years young…. loving my choices, diet, training plan and focus 💪 My body is transforming doing strength training and I am definitely adding mass

  11. Dude, I love you for this video. You completely won my heart. To me, You have one of the most balanced programs out there coupled with a fantastic physique and an even more fantastic foundation of discipline & mindset.

    Yes, this video needed to be made. It was honestly the first thing I watched today and the reason that I jumped out of bed 🛌 inspired and ready to go! 😃

    LET’S GO!

  12. I'm 47 and I left a comment with no response from this great program ,my accidents I was told that I would not have muscle or walk due to my spine bent like the moon but I said to my self no I'm walking again and I'm fixing my round shoulders and a seventh vertibra kifosis and by the grace of God I came across Jeff's site and two mouths going and people do see a difference in me and my recovery and they hate it that's fine ,I boxed for 24 years before I lost how I looked then but no I feel better thanks to you Jeff and your professional systems.thank you

  13. Ahhh man I already had a lot of respect for you, but as a 35 year old struggling to get back into my own managed self care routine the way you delivered this response just magnified that regard so intensely. Thank you for having the class to address the issue without devolving to his level.

  14. 38 years young here too

    Over the course of 2 months:

    Arms have grown an inch or more … bench is up to 260 (45lbs over any max ive ever had in my life) on a body weight of 185! Can run 5 miles with no breaks or pauses … again … have never done that

    Look better than I ever have in my life and am 100% natural only

    That guy is full of shit


  15. Def a lie, I know a couple of people over 35, that are muscular and veiny but not using anything other than work and diet

  16. I didn't even start lifting weights until I was 36 years old. By 38 I was in better shape then I was at 20. I went from 134 lbs. to 196 Lbs. in 2.5 years naturally with no juice or testosterone treatments.

  17. Haha you can be bulgy and vainy just by being lean at any age. Especially if you were maybe a bit heavier and had a lifetime of lifting weights or what not in the past then decided to get leaner at an older age, you would look probably bulgy and vainy. This is just one instance. Many other ways to look great past 35 and be muscular

  18. I truly thank you for this video, i just needed that motivation.. Me and my friends in Jordan follow you step by step.. Thx again

  19. I turn 60 later this month and have trained off and on for the last 30 years or so and always see muscle gains when I train.
    I have some weights and other exercise equipment and work out at home as am not disciplined enough to find time to visit the gym!
    With the “big” birthday looming I decided to start training again about 3 months ago at home, slowly at first just 10 minutes a day doing press-ups, squats and crunches to avoid injury and gradually build up.
    I’m now doing around 20 minutes about 5 times a week and have added weights 3 times a week, using 4 sets of dumb-bells I own set at different weights.
    To anyone over 35 unsure of the benefits, I can assure you I look and feel significantly better and am most certainly building muscle!
    Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

  20. 48 yr old female here, only started training 5 weeks ago and have lost fat and gained muscle through consistency and good diet…oh yes, and by following this guys advice 👍 Thank you by the way!

  21. I guarantee Professor Dickweed is a liberal. Liberals are losers. He is a loser therefore he is a liberal… well, most likely!

  22. That guys is a fucking idiot, because you're passing incorrect information and discouraging beginners that dont know any better! Everyone is a "know it all" these days, its pathetic. Leave the specialized advice to the experts.

  23. Hello Jeff, i do agree with your assessment in this video but i you also agree testosterone levels plays a role in the results you can get from your workout regards of the workout routine you recommend in some degree.

    Now i am taking this opportunity to also ask you a question that is strictly in my case valid.
    I apologize as i didn't do as much research on the topic so i am going with my experience rather then number and science approach.

    I am what is now a days called a "skinny fat" and just to touch in what the guy said and also you said in regards with achieving result without worrying about testosterone level,age or supplements my case is :

    The hardest i can say i ever work without wanting to was doing construction jobs with no hard labor experience before and cutting it with adult men no in time but in work done and heavy lifting etc when i was 16 -17 of age i did construction work and high-school from 5 AM till 7 PM and to understand after my first day i could walk right just small steps and could lift my arms because of this and after 2 days back and same till my body got used to the effort but here is my problem i had force and no fat but i didn't increase my muscle mass visible in any easy to see way but i had friends going to gym in there spare time with some protein powder and they had bigger mass but less force as i beat them in lifting stuff or arm resealing and they were more bigger then me.

    Maybe they took something more then protein shake but i still don't understand how after all that hard work lifting cements bags half my weight as an example and still after ` year nothing to show for it almost..

    Any advise for my current situation as i have at home a bench and weights with bar going up to 50 Kb and i am 1.86 m in height and 73 Kg, 31 as age and i have some fat in the belly area and nothing else , i don't care necessarily about loosing the fat as much as finding a way to increase muscle mass without any hormone treatments,creating and other stuff just a routine and hard work.

    I do 3 km at a min in walking daily and my max was 30 km walking in a day so my legs are pretty OK development but when it comes to arms and chest,back there i cannot find a way to make it work so far.

    I quit smoking 4 months back and i don't drink daily or even for weeks at an end, i do prefer to eat more fat but natural not fast food stuff as typical in the area i come from pig meat mostly and fat from then veggie stuff and eat around 2 times per day on average, resistance ways i have a petty good record on that and hormones i did test not lacking there in any way doctor confirmed and vitamins even if i don't get it from food i take supplements and never had any deficiency in my blood analyses on that front.

    Hope i didn't bored you to much or scared with with my long comment to not read it at all or have a reply with some advise on my situation.

  24. 47 Years old…completely natural, and look better than 20-somethings in my gym. I have been very athletic my whole life, and have gone back and forth between "skinny" sports like cycling and climbing to bodybuilding. I am somewhere in-between right now, and am going for the men's "physique" class body, and am making progress just fine, thank you! I have also been accused of juicing or HRT. Never touched the stuff. I eat right, don't drink. Train using science your foundation, and you can achieve whatever goal you want.

  25. I’m 39, and don’t know much about weight training or fitness even still. But for the last year I have been working on my own schedule for workouts. It took a while to notice anything because it was under fat and I’m not an overweight guy. Recently decided to seriously lose body fat and suddenly I’m seeing little bits of what is underneath, what was hidden. That is only after a caloric deficit diet using healthy foods and being careful with what I eat and serious about fitness.
    I’ve lost 5kg in the last month alone and plan to lose a lot more fat. But already I have friends commenting about me looking lean and a little sculpted. Now I want to try harder to look better and feel better because it’s the best shape my body has been in for over 20yrs.
    You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

  26. I'm 62 yrs old, I started following Jeff's free video's a little over a year ago and I'm in the upper 10% of the of muscular builds in my gym. I only use protein shakes and I'm getting back to my fighting weight when I was in my 30's. You can build muscle after 30 I'm proof

  27. 44 years old Hispanic male here
    Thank you Jeff, love your channel
    I've followed your advice for a while and I'm very happy with the gains

  28. perger

    Ridiculous!! I am 47 years old, I just started to work out 2 to 3 times a week after a 19 year hiatus and I am in the best shape of my life. I have never done TRT, I take creatine or Jeff's pre workout (which is great stuff) and I work my balls off!! I totally agree with Jeff 100%. If you work hard like he tells you too you will get results.. There's no question about it!

  29. Your a good person.
    You share your knowledge and experiences.
    To help people in a positive way.
    Do not let these people disrupt your route.
    Thank you Jeff Cavalier

  30. Hey men. I used to play pro tennis ,stopped at age 27. At age 42 I had 180lb. Started to train only body weight training ,now I’m 45 and 210lb ,no fat gained in %!
    Only used PWO,Arginine,Crea,BCAA, nothing more ! Training amount 6×1,5hrs/week (no skip)

  31. So it is possible to build muscle at 40 and up???? What age do you stop building muscle??? I'm 41 and just hit 300 lbs bench press… I'm excited

  32. I started a new regime 3 weeks ago. Total body workouts three days a week and a vinyasa yoga class one evening per week. So far I have lost 4 lbs fat and put on 2lbs muscle mass. I’m 46 years old, 250 lbs and I will reach my goal with hard work, the right diet and a supportive family.

  33. I have read the comments here and I hate to pile on to what they already say, and to what Jeff is saying, but….. I started following AthleanX about 5 months ago. I started at 226 lbs. (6’ tall). I was at something like 28% body fat. I am now 206 lbs. but only 15.8% body fat and still going. Oh, forgot to mention, I’m 40 years old. I’ll be 41 in September. Don’t believe ANYONE who says you can’t build muscle in your middle age….

  34. Totally disagree with Mr Dickweed. I'm 51 years old. Back into my training again. I've kicked the devil's nectar too. This has immediately improved my testosterone levels. It's so true though dude, once you start looking better, the accusations begin. Thanks for this video. Too many guys pump crap into themselves in order to improve and it simply isn't necessary. You're 100% correct. Intelligent training and nutrition is the way. Oh yes and damned hard work of course.

  35. Dear Jeff , like millions of other fans , I am also one of your fan . I am a retired Military veteran from India and have been on my tours from the age of 22 till today….47. My best phase of working out was from Dec2014 till Feb 2018, after which I developed a very painful intestinal inflammation. Having said that I did not stop working out largely… limited to dips and pull ups, and lots of core based exercise. You are a great motivator and I am sure you will continue to bring tonnes of positivity and great health to millions around the world. I am fondly called…Delta. Keep rising, keep shining…kudos.

  36. Hey man I really like your channel. And i get you point. But can you make a video about the guys that do need TRT.

  37. Hey Jeff, I’m not discouraged by his comments at all. He is just weak, must come from bad stock lmao. Love your videos!

  38. Never let people's empty opinions in social media take control over your work. You are the best fitness channel I have ever seen. Thank you so much for all the hard work to put in your channels making such informative and awesome videos to help us get in shape! Really appreciated! Keep it up as always!

  39. Im 53 just started training again 6 weeks ago after 2 years off, bench 280lb x10, squat 340x 14. easy peazy. Don't listen to shit just lift it.

  40. Its part of what I love about this channel, just when i feel my resolve dropping down, a video comes by that renews my resolve to keep pushing and training

  41. 18 months in….. eating a KETO lifestyle…… down 78 pounds (on the scale) which has been skewed by my lean gains….. have watched hundreds of your videos and continue to do so (you are a total inspiration !) Besides healthy nutrition the only intake is a whey protein isolate and a pre- workout…..NO TRT or any other boosters ……. PS:…… 55 years old. …. Do yourselves a favour and listen to Jeff ! Not someone trying to sell you a shortcut riddled with lies.

  42. Jeff, what you are doing is a purpose and cause, bordering on movement. Athleticism, balance and hard work is a fantastic message. Inspiring even. Thank you!


  44. I'm 36. Was following a bodyweight YouTuber and decided to build my own dip station with pull up bar in my backyard. Came out good and realized I've a hard time doing one pull up alone. I got popping shoulders and work with my hands up a good chunk of the day (mechanic). I was getting ready to begin the routines from the YouTuber (not trying to put anyone down), but Jeff's channel started popping up on my searches and so on. Shoulders are a concern but definetly not an excuse to keep me from beginning, I just wanted more elaboration and less stuttering throughout explanations and Jeff totally exceeds this. I also had an accident on my right hand a few years back with a tablesaw and I can't bend all my fingers around the pull up bar. I want to get in shape and feel better, and I would like to use this reasons as my starting points toward learning and achieving, instead of just quitting. This is a very complete channel and the way Jeff elaborates is very knowledgeable and professional. I would like to find the right program for myself and get started, but at the same time the science behind the training interests me a lot because I want to actually enjoy my training and learning while doing it in a safe manner avoiding injury as much as possible. Congratulations on the rich content, the attitude and the value. Looking forward to find the right program even though I'm a total newbie with positive expectations.

  45. 34 here just started lifting and my muscle is growing like that of a 16 year old that is just starting

    (as a picky eater)
    my diet is only eggs,feta cheese,tea,and slim jims
    (i leterly every meal is eggs 7 days a week) only time i eat meats or others is maby 1 time a week if i go out

    i dont make anough money and what funds i do have are disiblty income so clearly cant aford suplements

    and from simple tips like BFR training,toining belt,and tips on jeffs page my muscle grows pretty
    fast(with zero suplements)

  46. Title is just click-bait. I am almost double that age and look hotter than ever due to: Fasting, keto and autography. I eat only one, impressive, meal a day. You can make your Testosterone naturally high, naturally. We live in a generation of people wanting fast results, ignoring the side-effects and have no need for TRT.

  47. You can't build a quality, shredded physique under 50 weeks without TRT.
    Or lots of milk and repeated pullups trying to escape my crib…

  48. 37 years and started working out after a 7yr hiatus; after 2 months with the help of post workout shakes from gnc im stronger and more muscular than I was in my 20s. secret to my success: dad strength

  49. dude at my gym is 65 and in better shape than me. Im no slouch either. I dont know if he is on something or not, but what I do know is that he is in the gym every single day putting in the work. If that isnt you, then that is the first thing you need to work on. Put the work in and eat right. Progress will come whether your 12 or 120

  50. That's absolutely fine. We don't want build them anymore to big sizes like body builders. We wanna be toned ripped proportional even with small muscles💪👍all year round in shape like calistenics people

  51. Thank you Jeff. I love your videos & am trying to follow all of your advice. Once again thank you for caring & sharing your knowledge.

  52. Tengo 37 entonces ni me molesto. A disfrutar la vida.
    Todo el rato el ripio este poniendo videos de bo hagas pesas asi no hagas tal ejercicio parece un mensaje subliminal para que no hagas nada .
    Mientras el resto te dicen que lo hagas

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