Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I don’t eat for taste you know. I just eat for fuel, that’s it. I eat to get big, I don’t care what it tastes like Anything for calories, That’s why I think I’ve been so succesful. I’ve been very open-minded with my training and most importantly my diet. Like I said before I think diet is 80-90% of being a profesional bodybuilder. You can’t train like a horse and eat like a bird. This rice cooker runs 24/7. That pasta gave me A PUMP. I keep myself in this STRIKING ZONE. So then when I do start back, dieting And I start adding them meals in .. My bodyweight goes naturally back up. But then I start cutting back down. And I come in every single year .. RIGHT ON THE MONEY. I’m talking ounces. Let’s just get BIG! No hamburger… FISH. You can’t just get results overnight. Alright so this is meal number 5. 5’O Clock.. 4 more meals to go. I put on two pounds since yesterday, so.. I’m on my way back up. Start bumping up my fats a little bit. My bodyweight is just starting to climb now. I may lose a little condition but that’s ok. When I’m dieting for a show it’s a very very strict lifestyle. I mean I’m up at 5 in the morning. I’m training twice a day.. And I’m basically sleeping and eating and TUNNEL VISIONED. There’s no world, and THAT’S IT. That’s how I have to be to get ready for these shows. Here we are post-training. HARD WORK PAYS OFF. Because if I’m not eating .. If I’m not sleeping .. If I’m not doing the right thing .. Then I won’t win.


  1. Im on the right way. My breakfast is a kfc hot wings big box. Right amount of fat and proteins. Also water. Water is essential

  2. Les Antiques Stoiciens avaient déjà identifié cette maladie " la dyspepsie " ou la grenouille qui veut se faire aussi grosse que le boeuf

  3. These guys are all on steroids and hgh. you just cannot get that big naturally that's just biology, dispute it if you want but that's just fact

  4. And this mindset has caused a lot of people including myself to overeat and gain weight too quickly rather than eating slightly above maintenance. This was not explained years ago, it was just eat BIG to get BIG and people just got fat thinking that all the excess calories would go directly to the muscle when that's simply not the case. Anybody else know what I'm saying?

  5. While yall get that big taking steroids and can't get it up next man will be at your house while your training fuking your missus 😂😂

  6. Most drug fueled shit I’ve ever seen. “This is my chicken deep fried in steroid”. They can’t even wipe their own ass…

  7. Why is it not classified as an eating disorder? Because if you are obsessed with food and exercise it is an eating disorder.

  8. Actually… to train like a beast you definitely need to eat like a bird. Because birds fly all day, they have fast metabolism and need to eat constantly.

  9. You guys are killing yourselves…and for what…a big trophy….you keep eating like that…you will join the rest of them

  10. Building the body…killing the heart…look at me I'm big…I'm intimidating…small brain…small penis…small life span…all the same time…some small guy is smashing your women

  11. Come to think of it, pro bodybuilder are some of the most egotistal, narcassistic, gluttonous people on the planet. They each eat enough daily to be able to feel 10 average men.

  12. I don't like where bodybuilding its going, i see them and i think, i never want to look crappy like that,i would understand if reason was to power lift or to fight in sport, but in sport that promote good looks, they fail completely

  13. I like bodybuilding but what the power puff shit for. Some of yall are not natural. Your heart can't take garbage for long.

  14. When these bodybuilders get to their 40's they will need kidney transplants from the steroid use and the ridiculous amount of protein they consume, and that is if they don't die from an enlarged heart first. Think about the amount of excrements these guys put out per day, 20lbs +, uck.

  15. You have to be very empty on the inside to have that much space for food. Think about it.

  16. The thing I can't figure out is if all these guys do is eat, sleep, and work out, with out a job WHERE DO THEY GET THE MONEY TO BUY ALL THAT FOOD AND PAY FOR A GYM MEMBERSHIP?!!!

  17. These motherfuckers are built like broly! How the Fuck u can be able to wipe your ass after you take à shit men

  18. I know a lot of recent research has shown that timing of meals. Is not important. You can make the same progress with eating less frequently, assuming the same calories.
    For me, when I trained and ate a ton, I got too fat. 🙁

  19. You cant train like a beast and not juice, you lack the recovery for the massive amount of volume needed

  20. Most gym rats don’t take the gear the guys are on… plus their existing size, they need all that food. If we ate like that, you’d get big alright..fat

  21. All these fuckin weak cunts in comments here are all criticising these hard working beasts because they don’t know the feeling of having fucking sick pump

  22. lol.. bodybuilding today is a joke, all about the roids, not the body.
    every idiot pump his ass with roids and thinks hes special.
    once that was art, today nothing but a freak show

  23. What a boring existence! I use 2 live life like this years ago. Not 2 this extreme but thank god I got out of that shit. Staying just fit n actually living life is so much betta! 🤙🏾

  24. I eat like a dog (healthy meals in a window) and train like a Beast. Steriod free 43yrs old (look late twenties/early thirties) Genetics massive factor. Put on muscle, fat strength and size easily with food. However want to go for the V shape body builder shape. Am 5ft 11 so not blessed with height to fill out frame. Currently 19 inch arms, 49 inch chest and 38 inch jeans fit waist. 110kg. Aiming to be 98kg. This is the natural body builders way.

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