Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

it’s been revealed that amateur
bodybuilder who was found dead in Thailand on Friday had a heart attack a
post-mortem reportedly revealed 22 year old as his Sergei ovitch cheveux Chien
also known as is to his online fans suffered from an undiagnosed heart
condition it’s time to talk one-on-one with everybody here listen carefully
Bruce this is a revolution the fuck is up with those videos cut
fucking up itself cut as a fucking act there is no seats Mr
Brown what could be more reason to mine now bro it’s fucking zebra listen
I can cut out there you’re a fuck it’s kind of you wanna be proud something
no I get bitches but buckets seek Alex’s bra that’s what we fucking did
that’s what we doing this shit bro fucking psycho
fuck that shit bro everything your fucking haters gonna hate proud you
never be like this prophecy can mate fucking 6:00 tonight fucking fucking faggot
fucking shredded body if your fucking shredded sick hunt and
get away many peopre if you can falsify crowd
oh fuck man the nurse will be a fuckin fuck bitches you know
that’s what we do bro that’s what the discounts dude that’s what the
revolution is bro none of this fucking sad cunts gonna fucking make it cross it we our stories the sky fire – fuck amazing in the dark Paragon guys well I have a bit of a
confession to make a lot of you think I’m from Sydney Australia well that’s
actually a lie I’m actually originally from Detroit yeah and basically actually
in the United States of America and I am an American
there are probably that you can come at me bro you day you miring yeah some Z’s
and I’m an American thanks to the motivation as change
fellas Louise you told me that laughs my bread oh and you’re better when you’re
aesthetic as fuck problem thanks for the motivation set the bar to
everyone Simon boy the kid thanks for fun fashion doesn’t
matter how small or big you are you told me they can get anywhere you want on
trying seize your fucking stick out we all love you ever hit it a lot
you changed a lot of lives your fucking sink I love your brother is your secret

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